"Julia Ghoulia" Mordant Burn/Control

So, I know Mordant burn decks is kind of the new hotness now (if anything is really the hotness in such a young game). Regardless, my first constructed deck was a Mordant deck that I have been having a lot of success with, even against Orruk Aggro. Below is my list with a small description of card choices (deck still limited by collection):

2 x Crypt Haunter Courtier
1 x Varghulf Courtier
1 x Abhorrant Ghoul King

1 x Cursed Altar (Turmoil of Souls on the App)
1 x Carrion Feast
1 x The Royal Hunt
1 x Supernatural Horror

Units (10 Total):
1 x Fearsome Crypt Flayer (only one I own)
3 x Feasting Vargheist
3 x Ravenous Crypt Ghoul
3 x Freakish Crypt Horror

Spells (6 Total):
3 x Black Hunger
2 x Soul Feast
1 x Arcane Bolt

Abilities (14 Total):
3 x Opportunity Strike
1 x Frightful Strike (only one I own)
3 x Cursed Strike
3 x Devour
2 x Tactical Formation
2 x Deathly Resolve

Champion setup allows some defense with healing and easy questing for blessings. Placement is pretty much the same each time, but you usually want the Varghulf Courtier and Ghoul King across from Warriors for removal purposes. The Ghoul King is an obvious damage booster and with only 6 spells, the only Wizard you need. You won't often complete his quest, but it's possible.

Blessing are standard. Either defense or damage. Not sure on the best arrangement of these yet. Turmoil of Souls may be even stronger than I realized as it doesn't take actions to use and it drops your opponent's tempo.

Units are Mordant heavy not only for questing purposes, but for Black Hunger, which makes hits even harder, as well as bumps healing, which allows to stay in the game while you are drawing for more burn abilities. I would run more Fearsome Crypt Flayers as they help lock the board. Feasting Vargheist is an amazing unit here. It will get the Crypt Haunter Courtiers' through their first rotations and the draw helps keep you moving into your burn. In fact, when I use Devour, I almost always pick a Feasting Vargheist.

Not many spells, and these may be tweaked soon. I am running three Black Hunger to bump up the power of the Mordant units, though the timing is a bit tough to line up. Perhaps with three Fearsome Crypt Flayers, it would be much better. As is, I may drop one out for another Arcane Bolt. Soul Feast is not only removal, but a major healer and gain you more time to dig for abilities. Arcane Bolt is a finisher. Combine those spells with Deathly Resolve for instant removal or damage.

Abilities are pretty straight forward-direct damage and removal. Tactical Formation helps line up removal and Champions around highlight effects, but also doesn't drop your tempo. Cursed Strike is amazing and it's rotation bonus often overlooked. You can instantly exhaust units to open up an Opportunity Strike, or remove damage reduction units. You can also use it to either stall cards like Arcane Bolt, or waste enemy abilities off turn, like Orruk extra actions.

The deck isn't perfect, but I think it is very strong and heading in the right direction. It doesn't require a ton of setup and has enough removal to deal with the biggest problems on the board. Also, do not be afraid to hold back damage abilities to let damage reduction waste off. This makes sure you get your best damage through and draw up options. You have enough healing to really last for awhile.


  • RancordRancord Posts: 44
    edited August 2018
    Crypt Haunter Courtier and Freakish Crypt Horror is amazing 3 quest completion with one card, and one of my favorite openers in death

    The Cloak might not be such a bad blessing, because it allows you more champion swapping and you are running lots of abillity damage
  • ChaeosChaeos Posts: 55

    I think that this deck has potential, but versus aggro deck that be playing now .... I don't know.

    why Deathly Resolve with 1 Arcane bolt only? And Soul Feast for only one vampire who doesn't complete quest with spells or remove? I think you can change soul feast for frienzied vargheist if you need control, and all of your champions can use it.

    And I think @Rancord idea is good, Cloak it's so good with this deck.

  • RancordRancord Posts: 44
    edited August 2018

    So I thought about it, and without testing and just looking at it, and hypothetitcal having all cards I would do those changes:

    • -2 Soulfeast
      +2 Frightful Touch
      That you dont gain HP when you dont remove something, makes Soulfeast very akward. Frightful touch is fast damage and might hit a hand or force an unfavorable play from enemy.

    • -Varghulf +1 crypt infernal.
      Varghulf needs to trigger on 2 spells to make up his own -2 HP and his quests are way harder to trigger and are not that well with the Mordant units, while the 2 Crypt Haunter make way more sense to me next to Black Blood.

    • -2 Deathly Resolve, +2 Frightful Strikes
      Not enough good spells to make use of this, Frightful strike (as soon as I got enough, is just awesome)

    • -1 Tactical Command, -1 Arcane Bolt, +2 Fearsome Crypt Flyer
      With the new champion lineup there is no more need for so much swapping and arcane bolt clogs the spell slot to long. Also as you said youself flayers are awesome once you have them

    • -1 Carion Feast, +1 Cloack of Mist and Shadows
      Fits perfectly and Carion I never found a strong Blessing anyway. Royal Hunt is pretty clear, the rest I am unsure but needs some testing, but I could see Turmoil/Morbid keeping enemy low hand all game with the deck that already does this

  • MensetMenset Posts: 3
    Awesome thread, love me some Mordant.

    Been playing a "relaxed" King, Varg, Varg, Crypt infernal deck. (I feel I play enough spells to justify the -2 Varg hit)

    Flayers are amazing, just wish they weren't rare.
  • Still waiting on my singles to arrive to make changes to this deck, but honestly, it works quite well as is. You sling enough damage through units and abilities, the Feasting Vargheist keeps you in the game both with life and cards, as well as rotates the Couriers twice naturally. Soul Feast also gives you enough room to stay in it, as well as give you a bit more removal.

    The ultimate goal with this deck will be to tune it against Destruction Aggro as necessary, though the life gain and ability damage often helps edge out wins. My hope is this deck plays enough control and defense to hold off aggro decks and bypass more defensive control decks. I am a Death player all the way, so I will keep coming back to this build.
  • erdemo86erdemo86 Posts: 22
    I play a almost version of this deck.
    Heres my list:

    2 x Crypt Haunter Courtier
    1 xVarghulf or Crypt Infernal Courtier
    1 x Abhorrant Ghoul King

    1 x Turmoil of Souls
    1 x Morbid Terror or Cloak of Mist
    1 x The Royal Hunt
    1 x Supernatural Horror

    Units (15 Total):
    3 x Fearsome Crypt Flayer
    3 x Feasting Vargheist
    3 x Frenzied Vargheist
    3 x Ravenous Crypt Ghoul
    3 x Freakish Crypt Horror

    Spells (6 Total):
    2 x Black Hunger
    2 x Frightfull Touch
    2 x Scrying Pool

    Abilities (9 Total):
    3 x Frightful Strike
    3 x Cursed Strike
    3 x Devour
  • Royal Hunt is frustrating. I want it in there theme wise but so far it’s done next to nothing.

  • Nice list I will deffinetly try it out
  • @remorhaz You will probably want to run Tactical Formation if you are running Royal Hunt. Even then, it may not be as useful as one hopes. May be better off with something defensive.

  • DakRoganDakRogan Posts: 21
    I'm gonna try this !
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