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Ok so new game, new meta. I hear destruction are da boss alliance at present. Does this bear out in your experiences also? Im an order player, total newb so hearing of builds and counters and whats strong at present would be interesting and helpful cheers


  • there 3 decks that are doing quite well in my local stores
    ORder Zoo (Beasts), THis deck is hard counted in a Destruction beast matchup due to the Collar blessing
    Chaos Wizards
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    Played over 100 games so far with all alliances. Missing a few cards, but have a pretty complete collection.

    Here's how I rank the different top decks, best decks are in order from left to right.

    1. Destruction - Recruiting Warboss, Beasts, Fast Quest, Gordrakk (most Destro decks will mix&match these themes)
    2. Chaos - Fast Quest (with and without Archeon)
    3. Order - Aelfs, Beasts, Stormcast
    4. Deck Out, Nagash, Ability Burn
  • Just starting to play Aelf Beasts now, seem good
  • I think its a bit early to say there is a "meta" :) - Everyone is just trying loads of different things out, I personally do play Destruction only. And I tend to win about 85% of my matches. But I only chose destruction because I play Ironjawz in Age of Sigmar ;) I have been SOUNDLY beaten by a all-Idoneth order deck, so it is definatly doable :) GL!
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    Death is not in the meta :s

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    orcs are op
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    Orcs Gordrakk deck its a beast topping on our LGS, Order Beast Aelf deck in second place, Chaos deck Last Stand as 3rd option, My LGS is in love with Archaon so we are expecting more decks using him this weekend.
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    So far what i have seen leads me to believe that destruction hold some significant advantages over and above other alliances (based on how often I will play destruction). Its a little hard to believe everyone picks them cause they play them in AoS or are lovers of Greenskins to be fair! Tempted to sort my destruction deck out, but if the trend holds true for too a long while its things like this will **** the game for me. I dont really want to either a; play destruction to get wins, or b; only play destruction cause others want to. I have beaten Destruction decks as well as losing to them, but their tool kit is outstanding compared to the other decks form what I have seen so far!

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    Death strategies are mill/attrition, permission and some spell combo. you can go more aggro with them but destruction and chaos do that better. If you are playing mill or control win or lose it’s going to be a longer game with a strategy some ppl are going to be annoyed by. I know in hearthstone if you played a grindy control deck on ladder some people would get salty and stall, friend you just to yell at you and unfriend you etc. If a destruction deck wins or loses in 15 minutes and a stall death deck takes 25 the destruction deck is playing nearly double the games an hour which means faster ranking and/or currency gain so much so the control deck would need a ridulous win rate to get anywhere close to where an aggro deck would get at a 55-60 win rate.
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    lol meta
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    Isn't finding the meta half the fun? That's why it's a great time to get in Warhammer Champions
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    I’m finding rip tooth from destruction very easy to solve quest with. Can be done with 1 unit and one ability. I think it is very strong
  • After 200 or so games.

    Top 3 decks in order.
    1. Stormcast
    2. Chaos
    3. Destruction


    good place to discuss current meta

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