Starter set card lists

Anyone knows where I can find a full decklist for the starter decks?


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    Its amazing what you find when you type "card list" into the search bar

  • Heh. I was Googling and that was no help.

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    After checking: it's not what I asked for.

    I'm talking about the four precons. That's the full wave 1 card list (which is better accessed at the official card database, if only because you can filter).

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    you can search on tube for a founder unboxing.. i had look at voodoo turtle channel..

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  • Play4993Play4993 Posts: 44

    If you understand there are my note.. Legend: circle - rare ; circle and square - exclusive starer ; line - uncommon..

  • Thanks...

    I was hoping getting my 3rd Hurricane Raptor when I cannot get either booster boxes (sold out locally) or singles (TCGPlayer won't ship to me) was at least going to provide me some extra fringe benefit but I guess not. lol (I already have a playset of Stand Fast, and obviously a second Vandus isn't great.)

    The Death one seems nice though. Frenzied Vargheist and Bloody Vampire Queen are both 1x for me right now.

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