App Scanning heating up the phone.

Has this happened to you?, I was scanning tons of cards and suddenly my phone gave message 'Device is overheating" first time ever i get a message like that on my phone.


  • Widowmaker93Widowmaker93 Posts: 12
    Yeah this app drains the battery like nothing I've ever seen. My phone also heated up super quick.
  • Ditto
  • thundercakethundercake Posts: 18

    same here, i've started to just take the case off to help keep it cooler when scanning.

  • MoriarMoriar Posts: 53

    you've never played pokemon go then? drains battery and data as well as heating up your phone.

  • SarovanSarovan Posts: 29
  • BochesaBochesa Posts: 15
    I scanned a lot yesterday, and around 300 scan the phone got clunky. Had to restart the app to make it smooth. iPhone 7
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