What is you that you like about this game?

There's a grip of other games out there. What is it that you like about Warhammer AoS Champions that hooked you? What keeps you playing?

For me, there are two primary factors. One is the fact that I can play online with the same cards I have IRL - that's a HUGE selling point for me. The other is the tactical aspect of the lanes. You see that a little bit in Elder Scrolls: Legends, but I don't recall seeing that much of any place else.


  • MoriarMoriar Posts: 53

    i also like the tactical aspesct. i also like the ability to plan ahead which you can't really do in magic and similar games. the 2 actions are quite interesting too as you can make your opponent waste actions getting rid of cards. i suppose it has a feel of a general commanding an army where to place your commanders, which units to commit. when to commit them. also at the moment you can't look at your opponent and say whether you are going to win or lose, you know some are going to be harder than others but until you get down to the final rounds you can still get lucky with your blessings.

  • ChampionChampion Posts: 415 ✭✭✭

    I like the spinney round card thing!

  • rumphsthumprumphsthump Posts: 13
    I have allot of things i like about this. The cards that remind me of the figures i own. The tactical part. The way i can finish a game in 10-15 minutes before we start hitting 2-3 hour games. lots of things!
  • I really like the dual physical/digital thing.

    I cannot get into more details without breaking NDA.

  • Widowmaker93Widowmaker93 Posts: 12
    The app integration with physical cards is really cool.
  • Psypher1000Psypher1000 Posts: 32

    @Champion said:
    I like the spinney round card thing!

    That's a technical term. :D

  • I'll agree with the App integration with physical cards

    Having a place to use the cards I purchase in store, when there aren't people around to play the game with, is pretty awesome
  • SarovanSarovan Posts: 29
    Love the rotation!
  • BochesaBochesa Posts: 15

    I love that you only get 2 actions or turn, and this includes drawing new cards. Very fun and intuitive game play for a card game

  • DarikDarik Posts: 3
    The rotation of the cards is a fascinating concept, and I love the idea of the Blessing cards being "rewards" for quests! That kind of "earn something" mechanic is very cool and reminds me of prize cards in Pokemon! TCG, (but in a good way, LOL!)
  • Everything!

  • ZorzogothZorzogoth Posts: 12
    Most of my favorite cardgames take a while to play, so I like it that this one plays quickly yet has a good amount of decisions to make. Also the rotation and the digital scanning ofc.
  • GorejellyGorejelly Posts: 74 ✭✭
    edited September 2018

    I like that it feels very different (other than Lightseekers) from most of the other card games I play. There is a ton of room for tactical thought each turn, but the rules themselves are pretty simple.

    Using cards twice (physical and digital) is a HUGE BONUS to me as well.

    And Re: some card games taking a long time. We are playing some physical L5R and Arkham right now and those games take SO LONG. My friend even suggested we stop halfway through an L5R game that was going on for epic amounts of time and just play a whaosc game as a break.

  • GurahlGurahl Posts: 11
    The lack of tokens to track things pleases me.

    Fantasy Flight games could learn a lesson from this
  • to1v1to1v1 Posts: 6
    GW IP and brilliant art work.

    Fast pace so can play a good few games in down time!

    Tactically sound, destruction seemed op at the start but now I'm working out decks I'm seeing strong decks in all factions, balance is a key factor, you need to think you're always in with a chance.
  • Psypher1000Psypher1000 Posts: 32

    @Gorejelly said:
    some card games taking a long time.

    "Hmm...I wonder if he's talking about L5R?"

    @Gorejelly said:
    We are playing some physical L5R

    And there it is. L5R is a great game, but I just don't find it fun. Waaaay too slow and brain-burner-y. Chess arguably moves faster. I'm okay with big/longer games, even going into 3+ hours, but that's more for multiplayer board games. I definitely don't want that in a CCG.

    @Gurahl said:
    The lack of tokens to track things pleases me.
    Fantasy Flight games could learn a lesson from this

    Heck, most every game company could learn a lesson from this. A handful of unintrusive tokens isn't necessarily terrible, but when you've got coins, chits, tokens, and whatnot strewn all about...bah. I want to game, not bookkeep. PlayFusion definitely got that aspect of it right.

    Warhammer Champions does have a small handful of memory issues, though, such as with cards that leave a window open for a trigger if X cards were removed since the prior turn, or something to that effect. Those could potentially be issues. Hopefully the discard pile can keep sufficient track of that in big tournaments.

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