Beast/Aelve Aggro Deck

Lord Castellant
Isharan Soulrender
Isharan Soulrender

Units Beasts:(10)
2x Razorshell Leviadhon
3x Stardrake
2x Enraged Alloplex
3x Aetherwing Scout

Units Aelves:(10)
2x Namarti Soul Feeder
2x Akhelian Barrier Guard
3x Sweeping Namarthi Thrall
3x Swift Namarthi Reaver

3x Triumpant Smash
3x Jaws of Death
2x Lord of the Host
2x Divine Vengeance

Swift Judgement
Blessed Weapons
Savage Loyality
LLiandras last lament


  • rumphsthumprumphsthump Posts: 13
    Thanks for this, i have to try this out :) been playing pretty much all destruction, but feel excited about trying Aelves!
  • SarovanSarovan Posts: 29
  • This deck needs tactical formation. I'd suggest cutting a divine vengeance and an aelf to fit in 2. Maybe even cut a lord of the host as well since you only really need that for castellens final corner. I was on the fence about tac formation for awhile but it's this type of deck that sold me on it. Positional is so crucial in this game.

  • erdemo86erdemo86 Posts: 22
    You have 3 aetherwings so dont think you need any tactical frmations.
  • KolfenKolfen Posts: 14
    Need to try this one
  • ZyrrisysZyrrisys Posts: 16
    Was thinking something similar, but with more beasts, for more beats ;)
  • TalinthTalinth Posts: 15
    This looks like fun - may try it out!
  • sunshine54sunshine54 Posts: 5
    sweet aggro deck!
  • TheLPTheLP Posts: 7
    Having fun with this deck!
  • itoluiitolui Posts: 7
    fast rush ever in game
  • Really not a fan of Soulrender, so difficult to quest, have you had much success with him?

    I much prefer Prince, soooo easy to quest with, probably one of the fastest in Order.

  • Cornix42Cornix42 Posts: 49

    @Scyrah thought you might like a look.

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