Promotional card question

I feel a little late to the game already :D

I am wondering if there is a list of the promo cards that have been released, and how they were distributed.

Mostly, I am wondering if there have been magazine promos that I have missed out on. Whether it be from a White Dwarf or Game Trade Magazine.


  • MoriarMoriar Posts: 53

    only founders pack foils at the moment.

  • Play4993Play4993 Posts: 44

    i think even the 4 exclusive starter in the campaign decks..

  • Kusnix1Kusnix1 Posts: 15
    White Dwarf Magazine most certainly not. Some kind of other Gaming Magazine, I don´t know. Could be there are, for all I know.
  • ChampionChampion Posts: 415 ✭✭✭

    If you want to see the current promo cards here is a video.

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