How to play with Nagash?

Hey everyone, me and a bunch of friends are really enjoying Champions. Been playing the app quite a bit and about 10 real life games so far. I got my destruction deck together quite quickly, but my dear friend never really got the hang of his Nagash. His hands are playing to slow and he don't have the anvil or hammer to counter me. Whats your tips for him?


  • ChaeosChaeos Posts: 55

    With Nagash vs Destruction ... it's imposible :cold_sweat:, I have it ... and I prefered just play other decks.

    At the moment Destruction it's op, and death it's very weak, and more with Nagash.
    Nagash forces you to play with only one wizard, and only let you 5 points to put 3 champions more ..., If I was your friend, I would tried another decks.

    You or your friend can see this post:

  • Widowmaker93Widowmaker93 Posts: 12
    Nagash pigeon holes you into playing with other champions that are much weaker as a whole. 15 points is too much to spend on one champion right now.
  • CoffeeBlitzCoffeeBlitz Posts: 41

    Yeah, my first impression of Nagash was that he was really strong.
    While getting 4 cards for one action is great, risen based decks are not all that powerful, so Nagash pigionholes you into a weak deck arch type overall.

    Nagash can hold his own vs the "B Tier decks" but if you are facing a well built destro deck you need to be very lucky to win.

    Usually I like to beeline to complete the hero quests using the risen units. I have Nagash 2 skeltal champions and a crypt inferal courtier. The courtier has the easiest time doing its quest.

    Also keep in mind frightful touch can force remove 2 cards in the opponents hand.

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    I have had success with my Nagash deck against my friend's Destruction deck (I can't handle his Chaos deck, but that's another story). I don't always win, but the matches are close. It's not perfect and could definitely be tweaked.

    I use:

    Barrows Wight King
    Skeleton Champion x2

    Carrion Feast
    Morbid Terror
    Supernatural Horror
    Turmoil of Souls

    Charging Black Knight x3
    Crypt Shield Skeleton x3
    Skeletal Legion x3
    Skeleton Warriors x3
    Zombie Dragon x3

    Unholy Vitality x3
    Frightful Touch x3

    Commanding the Dead x3
    Tactical Formation x3
    Serve in Death x3

    1) I think Serve in Death is a little too situational, but it can be powerful.
    2) The Crypt Shield Skeletons are not great, but they are gone in a couple turns and help with quests
    3) Speaking of quests - concentrate on getting them done so you can use your blessings
    4) Nagash's once-per-game Heroic Action is incredibly important and is unfortunately bugged in the digital game. Hopefully they fix it soon.

  • ChaeosChaeos Posts: 55

    @cromatoast Idk what destruction deck has your friend .. but this deck nagash how Widowmaker93 said It's not posible win versus destruction.

    Your deck it's a standard deck, it doesn't have nothing special, u have 0 damage. U have 6 x 3 ( with Zombie Dragon who needs descard card ) and 3 x 4 with Frightful Touch. Serve in this deck it's only useful with Zombie Dragon.

    When you can do dmg to **** your opponent, destruction **** you 2 times with his "Wagggh".

    I played similar of this deck, and I won versus destruction 2 of 10 games ...

  • cromatoastcromatoast Posts: 19

    @Chaeos maybe my friend's deck is terrbile :D

    But, I am able to heal and chip away with the risen. Also, the Blessings I use deal damage and are disruptive to card flow and unit progression. The longer the game goes, the better chance I have.

  • MoriarMoriar Posts: 53

    death decks are about denial and patience.3 devours are probably a must. if you don't get on with nagash then vampire/mordant decks are quite nasty.

  • GapraidGapraid Posts: 32
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    I believe that the only way to play Nagash is with 2 H3ll Knights and a Skeleton Champion. The best Risen units are the Charging Black Knight and Shrieking Terrorgheist, which you should keep getting back into your hand. Against Destruction the CBK often is way better than the Gheist, so it depends mostly on getting him early on. Also an early Frightful Touch is great to slow the greenskins down.

    The main problems are the effects that keep rotating cards forwards, since they give you little time to react to the threats. Especially the Loud-Mouthed Megaboss is slightly broken.

  • ThunderfrogThunderfrog Posts: 23
    I play Nagash to around a 50% win rate, which is honestly about the most you can expect. The problem with Nagash besides his ridiculous points cost is that he's broken in online play. Using his every turn heroic means you can't use your OPG Heroic. (Except in events, ironically, its bugged so you can use it every turn! It's how I beat the Tzeentch match last week)

    When playing Nagash, you have to decide whether you care about blessings. If you do, then you want to pair him with skeletal champions because they are the easiest blessings death has. If you do not and you want the best effects you can achieve, then use two ****-Knights.

    Here's a deck list with Nagash, ignoring blessings.


    **** Knight
    **** Knight
    Skeletal Champion.

    Blessings - Don't really matter, but its possible to get lucky.

    Orb of Immortality (Helps vs Chaos with big hits.)
    Carrion Feast
    Necromantic Bloodline
    Turmoil of Souls

    Actions -

    12 Units.

    Charging Black Knight x3
    Shrieking Terrogheist x2
    Fearsome Crypt Slayer x3
    Crypt Shield Black Knight x2
    Unhallowed Mortis Engine x2

    Use the Charging Black Knight to combo with the **** Knight for 1 turn removal and damage. It also gives the ability to work on your blessings, but remember that they should be incidental. Shrieking Terrorgheists eat spells, so use them the same way. They do cost you a hard from hand, but if you are smart and toss other risen units, you can get them back fairly easily. The Crypt Slayer is slow, but he makes units dormant and does okay damage. He doesn't synergize with your blessings, but thats not the point. Crypt Shield Knights are flexible with **** Knights speeding them up as desired, but I wouldn't use more than 2. Mortis Engines are good for reducing spell damage, getting some life steal, and beefing Nagash's damage. Most importantly, people don't like them, so they often serve as removal bait.

    Alternative units: Frenzied Varghiest, Feasting Vargheist, Skeleton Warriors. (Use these if you don't have a full set of Crypt Slayers or Mortis Engines).

    9 Spells.

    Frightful Touch x3
    Scrying Pool x2
    Soul Stealer x2
    Arcane Bolt x2

    Frightful touch is probably one of our best 1st play cards, especially if it's T1. You can really slow down some plans, so I find three to be a minimum. Scrying Pool is great, and can resolve in 1 turn with Deathly Resolve.A lot of people want to remove it right away, to prevent the card draw, but you've already got value out of knowing your next 4 cards! Soul Stealer is admittedly slow, but it's scary. We don't get much spell rend, and Nagash makes it a 2 turn 8 life swing. Arcane Bolt is great damage and can also resolve in 1 turn with Deathly resolve.

    Alternate spells: If you don't like the timer on Soul Stealer, then I would take Return of the Fallen. It can be an early dead draw, but also brings around some late game spell or unit removal by recalling either CDK's or STG's.

    9 Abilities.

    3x Deathly Resolve.
    3x Devour
    3x Cursed Strike

    Deathly Resolve adds a lot to this decks 3 turn spells. Devour is needed for lots of things. Cursed Strike is just okay, but we don't really have a use for Frightful Strike here because of the low cost of your other Champions. And besides, they can spin borders and push back time bombs for awhile until you have a proper removal.

    Alternate Abilities: Deathly resolves are pretty necessary, I wouldn't try playing Nagash without them because he can't afford to wait 3 turns all the time. Same with Devour. The Cursed Strikes can be replaced with pretty much any ability you prefer.

    Placement Phase:

    Make sure that you can put your **** Knights across from enemy wizards.

    Effective Techniques:

    Discarding Terrorgheists or other risen units with your Terrorgheists. Nagash can then be used to scoop them all back up without much fuss. Note, this doesn't work online.

    Holding your CBK's and T-Ghiests for spells or units, then advancing them with **** Knights for instant removal.

    Deathly Resolve + Any 3 turn spell means instant resolution for the most part.

    Using Fearsome Crypt Slayer to Dormant an enemy until you draw or find the counter to remove it.

    Hard Counters:

    -Anything with lots of Dormant or that blocks deployment, like Vampire Warrior/Wizards running 3x Terrify and Supernatural Horror. Make sure you keep your Devours for emergencies against these decks.

    -Blessing Rush Chaos. They do so much damage with their blessings that are so easy to trigger. Even worse if they have the Arcanists that do 4 damage to Nagash for each spell he plays.

    -Destruction playing Krushas. This also applies to Stormcast that block rows and rotate the units units backwards. So much of our tech is based on twisting borders that getting a row blocked really hurts.
  • GapraidGapraid Posts: 32

    I would consider Fell Bats, since they give you extra damage, whenever you remove units, which is what you do all the time. ;)

  • KolfenKolfen Posts: 14
    I have yet to see a viable nagash deck. Maybe when more risen units get out?
  • dirtcheapdirtcheap Posts: 27
    I have a decent Nagash build. Basically its a drudge deck that hits with zombie dragons and stacked Grimgast reapers at the end of the game with Crypt Infernal Courtier plinking for one dmg to end the game if need be. The Blessings are set up to stall long enough to pull off at least two zombie dragons and 1 Grimghast reaper (fully stacked) in a single turn or within 2 turns of each other

    Crypt Infernal Courtier (to plink with)
    Skeleton Champion x2

    Orb of Immortality -delay the game
    Cursed Alter -delay the game
    Unholy Power -combo with zombie dragons to end game
    Supernatural Horror -delay the game

    Zombie Dragon x3 -combo to end game
    Grimghast Reaper x3 -combo to end game
    Charging Black Knight x3 -removal
    Skeleton Legion x3 -stacking
    Skeleton Warriors x3 -stacking
    Crypt Shield Skeletons x2 -stacking
    Frenzied Vargheist x1 -removal/action point generator

    Scrying Pool x3 -card advantage (works great with Nagash's HA)

    Commanding the dead x3 - quickly build stacks or get Zombie Dragon back in play from discard pile
    Cursed Strike x2 - delay the game and damage
    Devour x3 - removal and helps (a little) with card advantage
    Deathly Resolve x1 - combo with Scrying Pool for card advantage


    Early game: Champions quests are unit heavy so I throw out as many skeletons and whatnot to get blessings up and running, Nagash uses scrying pool and his HA to get card advantage. Do not throw out Zombie Dragons or build stacks yet.

    Mid game: If I can get 2 blessings pretty quick and have pulled off one scrying pool I start building stacks on champions that have the quest for it to flip more blessings

    Late game: Build skeletal stacks topped with grimghast reaper where advantageous and throw down zombie dragons to combo out the game, Use Unholy power at this point every round (if available) and Commanding the dead to outrun opponents removal.

    My experience:
    I have played MTG since Ice Age and my wife has played since Time Spiral. My group of card playing friends have all bought starter decks since I showed them this game and we are having a ball with it. All of us have played MTG since the 90's and have been to a few different GP's over the years. I have not played anything from Games Workshop before but I have to admit this game is pretty slick and has some serious potential. I have even started looking at the miniatures game age of sigmar but I am not a craft painter heh.

    I would like to play Champions (WHAOSC or WC or AOSC?) on line but am waiting for the app to let me in. I pretty much crush all the my noob buddies and my wife as well with this deck, but I am sure on line it would be quite average.

    Where should the deck go from here?
    I think I would like to take the deck more towards discard pile manipulation but there are not enough abilities and spells to do it at this point in time so I think stalling the game is the only viable option until the alpha strike can be built up.
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