Rules Questions - Rotating Cards Backwards & Completing Two Quests at Once

Two different rules questions I wanted help understanding.

First - I have an Isharann Soulscryer on quest 3, I play a Light of Sigmar which completes quest three. The champion across my Soulscryer has a Spirit in play which is removed as part of the spell happening. Does this also complete corner four of my champion as well (remove a thing)?

Second - I have a Stardrake in play on its first corner and I have a Tides of Death in play on its third corner. At the start of my turn what happens? Does my Drake go to corner two, deal five, then go back to corner one? Does it just stay on corner one dealing nothing? Why?



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    2.6.4: A Champion can only complete 1 Objective per specific card, per turn.

    This means that Light of Sigmar can’t be responsible for rotating Isharann Soulscryer twice in one turn.

    Make sure you have downloaded the comprehensive rules document

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    Turn begins
    Tides of Death rotates corner 3 to 4 because of smooth corners.
    Stardrake rotates corner 1 to 2 because of smooth corners.
    Tides of Death resolves corner 4. Rotate highlighted Units ↺ steps backwards. (Rotate=1) Because Trigger Instant Effects.
    Stardrake rotates corner 2 to 1 because it is a Highlight Unit (Affect allied cards in any lane) and Tides of Death told it to.
    Stardrake resolves corner 1 which is X so treat the card text as blank. Nothing happens. Because X.
    See also 2.7.3: Standard Order

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