Destruction Meta Deck

Can someone show me how the typicall Destruction Meta Deck looks like?
I think its with no wizards, 3 pouncing wolf riders and 3 war chanters, but what else?


  • I think its very early to call out a meta.
    I am quite happy and successfull with my destruction deck as i have about 80% winrate (recent 10 only once had 3 losses on it and morst of the time 2 sometimes only1), but atm there are lots of weaker decks around and you cant realy count that. we will have a realy meta when ranking goes up and we have to play against players and decks on our level before we see what is realy good and what isnt.

    I try around abit but i prefere gordrakk, Savage Boar Boss and Orruk Boss. A number 4 Rip- Tooth megaboss or warboss recruiter, which both have their advantages.
    Blessings i love cruisin for a bruisin, smash and bash, about the other 2 i am still not 100% sure what i like best for this deck. Frenzied Charge, Ushering of the Waagh and Prophet of the waagh are all very good. Might of gork looks better then it is i think, because you need 3 rounds to do full dmg. so its much weak then Ushering of the waagh and cruisin for bruisisn as they can do instand the round you activate them.

    war chanter and pouncing wolf riders are staples for sure.
    Sweeping gore grunta is a fast and strong bord clear. with savage boar boss andwaagh call even the round you play it or with gordrakk ability.
    Rallying cry is so good early that i feel 3 of them is also always good.
    Deadly chop is a removal and can fullfill so many quest thats also easy 3 of

    Waagh call is a 2-3 of for me. i would say 3 off, but i ended up so often with 2 of them in the first 7 cards were i could need something else better that i started trying if 2 are enough
    Grot Ambush 0-2 each copy is like another poucing wolf rider in our starting hand, works well toghether with him and savage boar boss as a start.

    for the other units i am still testing around with numbers.
    big Stabb crew is 7 dmg very oftern. imagine you got 3 action 2 of them on hand and gordrakk heroic act not used . thats 14 instand dmg to finish someone of.
    brute Smashers are nice because they do 2 dmg when they come in to activate a quest and dont have to wait a turn for a unit to leave the table as you can stack them onto
    Gore choppa brute is also good because of dmg when they are played is great for our quests and 5 dmg total is always ok
    trampling grunta and prowling wolfs are more wolfs to complete quests and they are both very nice do distract the opponent from his gameplan. the wolf is expecially strong vs lotan, lord castelant and other champs that realy want to have a unit infront of them . he is almost never wasted, as the opponent almost always needs to trade him 1 for 1 and thats like 95% of the time good for us because we are the deck with cardadvantage almost always.
    Dormant on Grunta has so many good uses in different situations, i am pretty sure even more then i have found yet.

    there are some more cards that might make the deck better but atm i use them in different numbers to find whats working best for me.
  • jt_moneyjt_money Posts: 20
    @RexKramer You can't play 2 of the same card in a turn
  • LordSpoopsLordSpoops Posts: 6
    @jt_money You can with Rallying Warcry (so units only).
  • MensetMenset Posts: 3
    I am not going to lie, Playing against that deck is a nightmare. Gordrakk is just so good at pushing that damage over the line. If you are lucky enough to have him in your collection I would highly recommend using him/
  • RancordRancord Posts: 44

    To beat this deck, vampire control/order aspect of the sea almost work best

  • erdemo86erdemo86 Posts: 22
    Feels like Destruction is way too op compared to thr other decks.
  • I think the chanter and the pouncing wolf rider are far superior to the other faction card draw/ bonus actions. They require no set up and once they are both ticking you can usually scoop and save yourself the time.

    I’d probably just ban the chanter and see if that brings the deck more in line.

  • agreed there is almost 0 downside to all the advantages destruction gets. Gordrakk's ability makes the other named faction leaders look like grots and when you couple that with cruisin for a bruisn (12 damage as orruk units remove) and things like chanter and wolf rider it just seems like no thought was given to what the counters for the other factions would be.
  • Playing those cards is 2 actions worth. Consider the default state of empty hand and empty lanes. Playing Pouncing Wolf Rider vs not playing it is:

    Turn 1: Draw PWR, play PWR.
    Turn 2: +3 actions
    Turn 3: +2 actions = 5 total
    Turn 4: +3 actions = 8 total


    T1: 2
    T2: +2
    T3: +2
    T4: +2 = 8 total

    So Pouncing Wolf Rider is mostly a wash, action-wise. It pays for itself in 4 turns and deals 2 damage, and gives you a body for Stacking. I mean, don't get me wrong. It's an efficient way to build up stacking. It's just not efficient action-wise.

    Waaagh! Chanter meanwhile gives you 3 actions for the cost of 2 actions and 4 turns.

    Those are not back-breaking economy cards. The real culprits are cards like Rally Cry that give you the extra action right now.

    Destruction cards are mostly meh on support 0, average on support 1 and broken at support 2. It's not so much the action economy as the stack economy that makes PWR and WC powerful cards. They allow you to build stack while being more or less action-neutral (slightly beneficial for Waaagh! Chanter).

  • Also Gordrakk is not great. His ability is too often win-more (you would win even if you didn't have it, which is not great for a 12 cost champion). The real MVP in Destruction is the Recruiter.

  • The best way I’ve found to deal with the turbo stack is play a very aggressive order deck and race them. You can win right about the their action ramp is putting the game out of reach.

    The version I hate to face is the more controlly mid range version with sweeping gore gruntas, the prowling wolves etc because they use those extra actions from wolf rider and chanter to draw into more control cards , slowly take the board then can use gordrakk to either finish or wipe your board with a gore grunta when you try to rebuild.

    I wouldn’t really have a problem with deck at all if there was a competitive room and a casual room. It can’t be much fun to just have the starters and get rolled by destruction decks every other game.

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