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Greetings Champions,

Today we’re going to be taking a bit of a closer look at the changes that are made when you line your Champions up for a Pitched Battle game. There are a few differences between Casual Constructed Champions and Pitched Battle that will require you to use new strategies to achieve victory!

Deck Construction

Deck Construction – Champions

Unlike in regular Champions decks which contain 4 Champions worth a combined total of no more than 20; when bringing a deck for a Pitched Battle you bring with you 5 Champions worth a combined total of no more than 30. Within those 5 Champions you still need to be able to muster up a combination of 4 that add up to 20.

That’s because, in game, you are still going to be placing down 4 Champions that add up to 20 and battling across 4 lanes; this is intended to add an extra layer of flexibility and strategy at the start of the game to make the Champion Placement phase more meaningful. A bit later on we’ll explain how having an extra Champion and a larger Cost pool affects the Placement phase.

Deck Construction – Side Deck

In Pitched Battle matches you will play ‘Best of Three’ games to determine the winner, and in between games you will have the opportunity to exchange cards between your deck and your side deck in order to better adjust to beat you opponent’s strategies.

The side deck in Champions can contain up to 9 cards that can be either Action cards (Units, Spells or Abilities) and/or Blessing cards and must still abide by the normal card limits (which covers both the deck and the side deck; so no more than 3 across both deck and side deck for Actions or 1 for Blessings). When swapping cards between the deck and sidedeck, you must still have a legal deck (correct numbers of cards) for each game, and at the end of the match any changes that are made between games must be reverted at the end of the match so that the deck returns to its original state.


Matches – Best of Three

As previously mentioned in a Pitched Battle match for Champions, up to 3 games are played; the first person to win 2 games wins the match. Between games in that match players have the opportunity to adjust their decks using the side deck.

The recommended amount of time for a Pitched Battle match is 1 hour. The full details on how to handle end of round proceedings when time is called will be elaborated on in the full Tournament Rules document, coming soon.

Matches – Champion Placement

The Champion Placement phase, despite the addition of an extra Champion to the deck, proceeds very similarly to regular games with the following differences. When placing Champions you may not place more than a combined total of 20 Cost worth of Champions from your total pool of 30 that you have brought. At the end of the Placement phase you will have 1 Champion that is not placed who is left with your side deck, separate from the game in progress. You do not need to reveal the identity of this Champion at this time.

So with the above in mind, what Champions are you looking forward to combining for your Pitched Battle games! Let us know on the Forums, Facebook and Twitter.

See the newspost.


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    For those that want another place to discuss this in a more competitive environment. Join us over here:

  • What happens in the situation where a player brings a legal list but finds himself in a position that is impossible to complete the placement phase?

    Example: Someone brings a list of champions costing 5/5/5/5/10. They begin. They place their 10 cost champion as their first champion. Then they place two 5 cost champions. They have no points left to place their fourth champion.

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    I believe in that scenario, they would be unable to place the 10 cost champion as it does not permit a legal placement post champion placement phase.
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    The ideal thing would be to construct a 20 point lineup, then pick a 5th Champion that cost equal to or less than your most expensive Champion.

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    Reading the post, explains the post.

    “in game, you are still going to be placing down 4 Champions that add up to 20.”

    So putting down a 10 cost champion when all the others cost 5 isn’t “going to be placing down 4 Champions that add up to 20” now is it.

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    Im really excited to try this IRL as well as in the app :)

  • The point is that it is possible to get in an illegal state through a sequence of purely legal steps.

    Your 5 champions are secret, so your opponent does not know you cannot field a full team until you laid down your 3rd champion. In fact you can setup a different scenario where they cannot even predict it until you laid down your fourth one.

    Take a 1/4/5/9/9 setup instead. That's a totally valid list. Maybe they intend to swap between the two 9 cost champions based on matchup. Now our player absent-mindedly puts down the first 9 cost, then the 1 and 9 cost champions after their opponent place theirs. There's nothing that indicates this is going to be an illegal setup to your opponent until our player comes to put down their fourth champion and has no valid choice.

    You're the Tournament Organizer. The two players just called you for a ruling. What do you do?

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    The point is that it is possible to get in an illegal state through a sequence of purely legal steps.

    I don’t think it is my friend.

    You have to place down four champions not exceeding 20 points.

    If you do anything but that you are breaking the rules.

    Bringing 5 champions totalling 30 points does not override The total cost of all 4 Champions must not exceed 20. Just as bringing a sideboard of nine cards does not override 30 Action Cards.

    You're the Tournament Organizer. The two players just called you for a ruling. What do you do?

    In lieu of the tournament guidelines I award a loss to the player with illegal Champion placement and a win to their opponent and tell them to begin game two. I inspect the deck and sideboard of the player with the illegal Champion placement and if it does not match their decklist (if decklists are required) or contains any further infractions I disqualify them from the tournament.

    You're now the Tournament Organizer. The two players just called you for a ruling. What do you do?


  • There was no infraction though. Player presented a valid decklist. He also performed three legal champion placements, which led him into a state in which all moves were illegal.

    If the player calls you, the TO, at the point where he has to put down a fourth champion and there are no legal options, he has not performed any illegal action. What's your ruling?

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    I agree with you XDarkAngelX. Without any inference or reading between the lines, and purely following the rules as listed, it does seem possible to generate an invalid deck state.

    I think they should add a single line to the comprehensive rules to get around this possible state.

    Something along the lines of (and this would be in the Placement Phase section of the Rules):

    A player may not place a Champion if that placement would violate Rule with all possible permutations of future Champion placements.

    (Ok that is really poorly worded, someone else can make it sound better, but does that make sense?)

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