Question about Comet Strike.

Comet strikes wording makes it sound like it removes the units first then in a few turns it does the damage. Or does it only remove when the damage is done? Thanks!

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  • ZyrrisysZyrrisys Posts: 16
    Yup! Still a cool card, have a holo playset
  • dirtcheapdirtcheap Posts: 27
    Wow I did not realize that is how X worked, thanks!
  • BokehBotBokehBot Posts: 39
    I'm always super tempted to try this card, if only to deter 3 spaces from deploying a unit around corner's 2 and 3. It'll never actually remove anything vital, it's too easy to play around, but the deterrence is interesting.


    It ends up being way too vulnerable to a removal (four corners) that you can't stop, meaning they can play around it if they just reserve an action 3 turns down the road to remove.


    The opportunity cost is way too high, to lock up a Wizard for 4 turns and the inability to play an ability while casting a spell. Why is this a rule anyways? It seems there's already too much Wizard punishment already.
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