What Warhammer army should Playfusion release next?

Just want opinions on others of what the next army should be release .


    I would think they would go with Dwarfs, High Elves, Skaven and maybe Wood Elves.

    Free Peoples and Fyreslayers are on my top 5. Skaven, NURGLE, and moar gobbos!

  • SarovanSarovan Posts: 29
  • ChampionChampion Posts: 415 ✭✭✭

    Do Squats count?

  • BochesaBochesa Posts: 15
    Humanoids for chaos
  • BochesaBochesa Posts: 15
    Lizards for order ino
  • ZorzogothZorzogoth Posts: 12
    Skaven !
  • The answer is always skaven!

  • Lizardman for Order, Ogres for Destruction, Nurgle for Chaos, and Nighthaunt for Death.
  • HollowsonHollowson Posts: 33

    Skaven always Skaven

  • HunthoHuntho Posts: 2
    Skaven would be my personal preference
  • GorejellyGorejelly Posts: 74 ✭✭


    Also how about discontinued armies like Araby or Slann? That could be an interesting way to draw some attention to the card game?

  • SvetgarSvetgar Posts: 14
    Araby never had enough units for an army, besides GW will want them pushing the new stuff anyways.

    I vote nighthaunt, skaven, lizardmen, and Nurgle
  • GurahlGurahl Posts: 11
    Chaos dwarves
  • KdashKdash Posts: 40

    Personally, I’d prefer them to flash out Chaos with cards for the other Gods and the flesh out Aelfs for Order. Simply because they have started these already, so are ready made for the next expansion.

    In addition I think something like Nighthaunt for Death would come along, along with maybe a couple of units for Destruction.

    I don’t want them to start splintering off into all the other factions and then just leaving them all “half done”.

  • to1v1to1v1 Posts: 6
    It's likely to only be current GW IP i imagine.

    So count on more stormcast, Nurgle for chaos, Daughters of Khaine for order, Potentially moonclan for destruction, if they get a new release, or beastclaw raiders instead.

    I'd welcome all of them! Beasts of chaos are getting a new book release as well, so maybe some of them!
  • XDarkAngelXXDarkAngelX Posts: 126
    edited September 2018

    I would think they would go with Dwarfs, High Elves, Skaven and maybe Wood Elves.

    None of these exist.

    I think you mean Duardin, Aelves and Sylvaneth.

    Also, all rumors of ratmen are obviously preposterous, yes-yes.

  • I expect more Nighthaunt and some Sacrosanct Chamber stuff to tie into Soul Wars, Moonclan Grots and Beastmen or Slaves to Darkness to go with upcoming releases.

  • I'm eagerly anticipating the addition of Slaanesh for Chaos, and Nighthaunts for Death. Since these are my chosen armies for the miniatures game. ;)

  • afroafrikafroafrik Posts: 14
    Ogres for sure! :D
  • Nigel beacuse I want to see my opponent covered in bile and Vomet
  • Duardin for Order, Ogors for Destruction, Nurgle for Chaos, and finally Soulblight for Death :smiley:

  • Bawaji96Bawaji96 Posts: 14
    As long as there’s Dwarfs, I’ll be happy!! 👍🏻
  • WunderbaumWunderbaum Posts: 13
    Dwarfs & Skaven!
  • Skaven, of course!

    And something for Order that is not Stormcasts, please... I find Order uninteresting with Elves and Stormcasts... rather see some Dwarves instead of the usual stuff.

    Dunno about Death and Destruction... seems so limited by the original choices.
  • Nergal they should have their own tag and a Daemon tag and be all about debuffing

    All of them!

  • WolfsmaneWolfsmane Posts: 12
    More and I mean alot more MOONCLAN!
  • Dwarfs and Skaven would be awesome :D
  • I know it won't happen since Stacking is a destro thing, but Skaven that could stack like Clan rats or slaves having low card hits. But Nurgle would be my jam for chaos, Daughters of Khaine or Fyreslayers for Order, Beastclaw raiders for destruction, and Death I'm not sure since most of the factions are there already but maybe some more nighthaunt cards

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