(Decklist) Stormcast Orders

RancordRancord Posts: 44

Due to my own testings and some discord discussion I ended up with this here for Stormcast order deck. I do think that other themes in order are stronger overall, but this one is not as **** your budget and strong enough

Champions: (should be able to quest 1-2 fast enough)
1. Knight-Heraldor (Awesome with Longstrike Raptr, also sometimes surprising)
2. Knight-Azyros (Easy quests and rend if disenganged, sometimes autowins)
3. Vandus Hammerhand (Works very well with Longstrike Raptor and also makes removal a bit less potent against you)
4. Lord-Relictor (Just solid wizard round out, as the fast spells in order make a single wizard setup possible)

Blessings: (I go for full damage, as this order setup does not really give you an advantage the longer the game goes)
* Abjurations
* Blessed Weapons
* Divine Blast
* Swift Judgement
* (Penant of Sigmaron) (high potential, but for the way I play the deck to inconsistent)
* (Healing Storm) (I prefer damage, but in a racing scenario it ain't bad)

Abilities (8):
* 3 Piercing Shot (needed for questing and instant damage is important)
* 3 Triumphant Smash (staple/removal)
* 2 Opportunity strike / Tactical Command / Gift of Sigmar (Those are mostly to fix questing ratios, Sigmar with Lord Relictor has a good synergy)

Spells (6):
* 3 Warding Light (good spell and good for questing)
* 3 Righteousness / Light of Sigmar (fast damage, and Righteousness can mess with enemy gameplan and make a big damage difference)

Units (16):
* 3 Disruptive Liberator (Just a really good Stormcast unit)
* 3 Hurricane Raptor (one of the best order cards in every deck)
* 3 Longstrike Raptor (Synergy with 2 of the champions and solid card for stormcast)
* 3 Paladin Decimator (Really basic card, 4 corner buys you time to draw cards)
* 2 Paladin Protector (this is very important against certain removal cards and mitigation can always mess with enemy gameplan)
* 2 Stormstrike Fulminator / Celestal Prosecutor (Sometimes good, sometimes ok, from ratios you can easily use non stromcast unit here)

Champion Setup with Celestial Prime is also very good, then you would run no wizard and probably rethink if you need 6 spells and Gift of Sigmar, but rest could work out similair


  • ZyrrisysZyrrisys Posts: 16
    I run similar with Celestant-Prime. Do use hammer hand so use star Drake's for extra removal power. Vandus is nice against chaos/destruction removal fest
  • DarkWaterDarkWater Posts: 1Unconfirmed
    Thank you for this deck list. I’m focusing on Order /Stormcast cards & play and have had a good amount of success netdecking this.
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