[deck] Horns of Gork

afroafrikafroafrik Posts: 14
Hello everyone
This is what I've build and am playing right now. With some luck you can pop some crazy damage with gordrakk's heroic. Stack surprising skulkers, pop gordrakk and watch that sweet tears of your enemy ;D
I think about some changes in blessings but still missing some cards.

gore-grunta boss
gore-grunta boss
massive choppa warboss

cruisin for a bruisin
renewed war-lust
smash and bash
ushering of the waagh

banner carrier x1
bruse smashas x2
big stabba crew x2
gore-choppa brute x2
orruk scrappers x2
sweeping gore-grunta x1
surprising skulkers x2
frenzied warboar x2
prowling wolf x2
pouncing wolf rider x3
stomping maw-krusha x2

waagh! call x2
rallying cry x1
tactical formation x1
mosh pit x2
deadly chop x3
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