Vorrus Control - Order

Order Deck
Deck by Will Hall, Tested and Approved by Jon Vandermeer

Order seems to be the top deck for most seasoned players. Its very well balanced and positioned to be one of the, if not the, top tier deck in the game. There is a direct coloration between player skill and puling out successive wins. I have run this deck in multiple iterations but have always fallen back on this blue print. I have gone 10-0 with this deck, but my average seems to be winning 80% of the time. (the last loss noted I was writing this article and forgot I queued so I quit and it registered as a loss)

Champions - 19/20 and 29 Health
Knight Azyros
Protector Prime
Knight Heraldor
Vorrus Starstrike

Champion placement is key. You need to have BOTH Knights in the 2 middle lanes. One to ignore rend effects and two to spin them forward.Many people have resort to damage mitigation cards like Mystic Shield or units. Keeping Azyros disengaged gives all of your units next to him Rend.

Keeping Knight Heraldor in the middle also allows you to play a unit and spin them forward. This is really helpful on units like Long Strike Raptor and Fulminators.

Vorrus is, what I feel one of the top 3 Champions in the game right now. His ability to restart all Stormcast on the board is amazing. If you time it correctly, you can lock down an multiple lanes for 3 or 4 round. Need to have board presence while you fill up your hand? Activate his heroic.

Divine Blast
Blessed Weapons
Swift Judgement

Nothing to fancy here. All of the direct damage blessings as well as the additive damage bonus blessing.

Celestial Prosecutor x3
Long Strike Raptor x2
Paladin Decimator x3
Stormstrike Fulminator x3
Disruptive Liberator x3
Hurricane Raptor x3
Paladin Protector x2
Skybolt Judicator

All Stormcast units allows you to maximize Vorrus's ability. Additionally, most of them all have 3 or 4 corners allowing you to reset the board without losing too many to the exhaust mechanic.

Piercing Shot x3
Divine Vengeance
Lord of the Host
Triumphant Smash x3
Tactical Formation x2

Abilities are pretty straight forward. With people playing Lord Aquila, having the ability to flip positions with Tactical formation really helps

A well timed Smash or Host allows you to keep your units on the board.

How to play it:
For the first few turns you want to play one and draw one until you understand their deck. Most players I have played overextend their board and end up falling way behind in the middle and end game. Counter punch them where it hurts. Remove action cards for destruction, remove pain induced fury from chaos, out race mordant spam and in the mirror capitalize on your opponents mistakes.

This deck is NOT for the new person, you will lose. A lot. Then you will lose a lot more until you really understand this deck and all of the other types of decks out there.

I am sure there are people who have either faced me (j0nathanv) or (thewillhallexp) playing this deck and I am sure they can attest to this archetype.

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https://assets.warhammerchampions.com/card-database/cards/Vorrus Starstrike.jpg?0


  • ChampionChampion Posts: 415 ✭✭✭

    A deck so good you had to post it twice!

  • tabiiitabiii Posts: 8
    There are a lot diffrent ways to play vorrus control :blush: you can also play it with a Relictor. But either its hard to master. I got a few days ago 8 wins in a row and yesterday I lost a lot. Also it depends how skilled your opponent is :smile:
  • RancordRancord Posts: 44

    You can play with the same list not controlly and win in 5 turns. That makes the deck way easier to play. i often use starstrike on 2 units early to keep pressure up

  • ZyrrisysZyrrisys Posts: 16
    I do like this deck, though I've never played it
  • I've found combining Vorrus with the Lord Veritant works quite well as a control deck. Especially with the gryph charger pack on the Veritant. This allowed me to keep the hurricane raptor in play by restarting whilst I set up the disruptive liberators and then restarted all of them allowed play 5o lock out for 5 turns.
  • inzax787inzax787 Posts: 12
    I’ve been playing a deck very similar to this one. You’re right it takes time to grasp the control aspect. Once you get the hang of it’s a fun deck to play.
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