Good feedback guide

Your feedback is invaluable to us in making Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions truly awesome. To help you best provide your thoughts on the game we’ve created this handy guide:

Be Constructive
Make sure any feedback you give is helpful and written constructively. The more detail and helpful explanation you can give the more our developers have to work with. When suggesting you don’t like something for example, don’t just say you dislike it, provide a potential way this could be improved. Doing this will provide a clearer picture as to how best to proceed.

Share positive and negative feedback
Did you love something in the game? Is there a card mechanic you really want to be able to do over and over again? Share the things you love about the game as well as the things you think may need changing. The more stuff we know you enjoy the more we can make of it for you!

Keep it brief
Try and keep your explanations as short and to the point as possible. Our designers and developers will have a lot of feedback to go through so keeping to the point makes it a lot easier to get through it all and improve the game.

Remember key details
Key details can help pinpoint what is causing an issue. When mentioning a confusing card mechanic for example be clear what cards were being used, what order they were played and so on. Such detail can highlight where the problem lies.

Keep calm and carry on
We’re all gamers so we all know that things can get heated. You may encounter some things that frustrate you, know though that our designers and developers want nothing more than for you to have a great experience and a great game. If you find yourself frustrated take a few minutes before giving your feedback. Our developers can do a lot more with a well written constructive post than they can a vitriolic tongue lashing.

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