Play Mats?

I've seen the fantastic GenCon special mats.

Any chance of these, or similar, being made available? And if yes, will they be available in the UK?



  • ChampionChampion Posts: 415 ✭✭✭

    There are plans for this to happen.
    But there are no details about when or how this might happen.
    So far everything released for the game has been available in the UK.
    Everything not at a convention overseas obviously.

  • WunderbaumWunderbaum Posts: 13
    Wasnt the ones from GenCon "just" the ones delivered with the founders pack? - would love to see similar quality released on a later state for general purchase ("discovered" the founders pack to late to purchase)
  • ChampionChampion Posts: 415 ✭✭✭

    They had different art and a big Gen Con stamp on them.

  • BlitzBlitz Posts: 8
    UltimateGuard has announced a partnership with PlayFusion on Twitter for a new line of products for AOSChampions and Lightseekers.
  • ChancethulhuChancethulhu Posts: 11
    Man that would be so cool to be able to get some good quality play mats
  • grimdrakengrimdraken Posts: 15
    Is there any more news on this?
  • As far as I have seen the Mats that are the same as the ones at GenCon (sans logo) are being sold at events, there are mats that are part of Prize Support in the OP Kit. An in January the Ultimate Guard mats are going on sale as well (these are awesome, if you watched the PAX stream these mats were used for the streaming table).

  • TriumphantOTriumphantO Posts: 2
    I like the Ultimate Guard mats, although I think I'd prefer more subdued artwork for each faction. And they don't have the space marked out for decks and discard piles. Also, the size is a bit odd, as there's a gap between the health bar and the lanes where the standard playmats have rule reminders.

    I'll probably get a couple, and some deck boxes though. Just for the durability.
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