Chaos Deck - Archaon

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Chaos Deck
Deck by Brendan Kent, Play-tested and approved by Jon Vandermeer

Champions 20/20 - 35 Health
Chaos Champion
Chaos Champion
Gaunt Summoner

Generally speaking you want your initial character placement with Archaon in between both chaos champions and the gaunt summoner on the outside lane. Individually, the cards are mediocre at best with the gaunt summoners ability to bring back a unit or trigger PIF.

Outrageous carnage
Unrivalled Blood-Lust
Spelleater Curse
Wanton Destruction

This deck is NOT build to complete a lot of blessing. Most of the time the only champion I complete is Archaon. Otherwise they are really of no consequence. By the time you complete a 2nd or 3rd blessings the game is over.

Bloodfury Wrathmonger x3
Pack of Bloodletters
Fanatical Skullfiend x3
Insatiable Bloodreaver x3
Reckless Juggernaut
Slashing Screamer x3
Starving Flesh Hounds x3

Rejoice in Slaughter x2
Pain induced Fury x3
Gaze of Khorne x2
Blood for the Blood God x2

Tactical Formation

This deck is pretty much a combo deck, that when it goes off you will win. You want to optimize and control when you draw cards by removing your own units triggering rejoice in slaughter and completing quests. Its not unheard of to have Bloodfury Wrathmonger across from an unit deployed on Archaon. On your following turn play Rejoice in Slaughter and remove Bloodfury, trigger last stand and you end up drawing 5 cards.

Starving Flesh hounds are also a key point of the combo and can also trigger PIF or Gaunt Summoner. Its best to have him between 2 units to optimize your damage output. If things are going well you can heroic the summoners ability to bring him back that same turn. This can be pretty devastating to your opponent if left unchecked.

Pain induced Fury really brings the above combos over the top. Any damage that you do to yourself, will trigger PIF.

For example the following cards are out:
PIF is on corner 3 damage
Bloodfury Wrathmonger
Starving Flesh Hounds

On the start of your turn
Starving Flesh hounds deal 1 damage to you, triggering 3 dmg via PIF to your opponent.

Bloodfury Wrathmonger deals 2 to your opponent and then triggers Starving Flesh hounds for an additional 2 more dmg

Bloodfury then deals 1 dmg to you triggering 3 dmg via PIF AND starving flesh hounds trigger again for 2.

At this point you have done a total of: 12 damage.

Of the three decks I have posted this is the most unforgiving. Because the constant damage to yourself it leave you very little room for mistakes.

Its performed well for me over the past 40 games with it. As always tune it to your play style.

If you would like to discuss this deck or any of the other decks I have posted please join us here:


  • Bawaji96Bawaji96 Posts: 14
    Oooooo, I would love to have this card!! 👍🏻
  • RekyoRekyo Posts: 73 ✭✭
    edited September 2018

    Archaon is awesome. I think it's a card that's going to get better as more sets are released.

  • footlongfootlong Posts: 4
    edited September 2018

    hey, i'm only counting 27 action cards in this list. what's missing/what am i missing?
    (i'd assume it's "Blood Hunt" x 3, but could be wrong)

  • FamiliarFamiliar Posts: 21
    I'd definitely assume Blood Hunt.
  • ChaotiqueChaotique Posts: 5
    You are missing a trick here, you should be running the Tzeentch's Fortune Blessing. Get that then play Pain induced fury and start spamming the Gaunt Summoners heroic act for 6 damage a turn.

    I'd also recommend doing away with gaze of khorne and the bloodletters and running 3 Blood Feast for the healing combo's.
  • QestroyQestroy Posts: 12
    I tend to find no one places anything in front of archaeon to make him a bit useless :P
  • They don't have to place anything directly in front of him to make him useful. XD Chaos has a LOT of self removal cards...Heck, I know three off the top of my head that remove your own allies to the left or right just entering play. One of my favorite plays is placing a Reckless Juggernaut in front of him, then some unit that does damage when it comes out to its turn, unit to the left damages..then gets removed by turn, Juggernaut hits for 6. Sure, lost a unit early doing this...but if they don't shut it down you just completed three quests for Archaon with two cards while inflicting 7+ damage!

    Not to mention if you flip Outrageous Carnage on him and remove enemies side lines his effect still triggers and you get to can try to shut him down, but it's kinda tricky for a faction that will not only bite the hand that feeds it, but gnaw off that entire hand in the process.

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