Aggressive Grot and Beast Stacking deck

I'd like to share my first attempt at a Destruction deck based on the cards I have accumulated in a shared collection with my friend. We bought into the Founders Pack as well as a fair number of booster packs, and I ended up with all of our cards for Destruction and Chaos in the split.

This deck is intended to complete Quests fairly quickly, in particular while taking advantage of the Rip-Tooth Megaboss' bonus rotations for Removal. This is an aggressive deck, with no wizards, meaning I do not have any healing, and I currently do not have damage reduction, either. This deck specializes in dealing damage with Stacking bonuses, as well as large hits from Arachnarok Spiders and Crowded Wolf Chariots.


Gore-Grunta Boss x 1
Massive Choppa Warboss x 1 (would love to replace with a Loud Mouthed Megaboss or a Savage Boar Boss once I get them)
Rip-Tooth Megaboss x 2


Prophet of the Waaagh!
Renewed War-Lust
Smash and Bash
Ushering of the Waaagh!


Arachnarok Spider x 3
Crowded Wolf Chariot x 2
Frenzied Warboar x 2
Grot Slashas x 3
Orruk Scrappers x 3
Pouncing War Rider x 3
Prowling Wolf x 1
Surprising Skulkers x 3
Waaagh! Chanter x 2


Deadly Chop x 3
Mob Rule x 3
Rallying Cry x 2

I would love any thoughts or suggestions anyone might be able to share with me, as I'm still learning the strategies of AOS Champions!
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