Death Meta Control Deck

Hey guys, i played alot last time and made a very good death deck. I want to share it with you and hear your opinion.
I have a very good winrate specially against destruction decks. I was sick of loosing against that silly destruction noob decks out there. :)
C&C is welcome!

Here is my list:

Hungering Vampire Lord
Hungering Vampire Lord
Varghulf Courtier
Crypt Infernal Courtier

Supernatural Horror
Turmoil of Souls
Morbid Terror
Orb of Immortality

3x Feasting Vargheist
3x Frenzied Vargheist
3x Murderous Vargheist
3x Fearsome Crypt Flayer

3x Mystic Bolt
3x Frightfull Touch
2x Scrying Pool
2x Terrify

3x Frightfull Strike
3x Devour
2x Deathly Resolve

With Champions im not really sure. Thinking about switching them to:
Hungering Vampire Lord
2x Skeleton Champions
But dont have Nefferata and looks like questing will be very hard with this setup.
What do you think which champions would fot best?


  • RancordRancord Posts: 44

    TBH, I think (minus orb), this looks ok midrange for Neferata. I dont think Vampire Lords are good champs, and I do not see, what this deck has as a special edge against destruction.

    You can easily end up in clogged hands (deathly resolve is the stuff from nightmares). I would definately drop deathly resolve and Arcane bolt. Also play the deck with Neferata or Vampire Queens, and then use tactical command and the frightful touch to ensure the ability. I am not a huge fan of the orb, after having played a lot with it.

    Carion Feast or Cursed altar are ok (not amazing, but always get you value), deathless thralls can block damage from a whole lane as a more controlly blessing. Cloak can be good, if you want to fill deck also with crypt strike, for the cards I suggested to remove, and then have some abillity to move Neferata or queen around, if you dont want to use to many tactical commands, or do not have enough.

  • erdemo86erdemo86 Posts: 22
    What would you add for that cards.
    -3x Mystic Bolt
    -2x Deathly Resolve
    -1x Orb
    + ??
  • RancordRancord Posts: 44

    With Neferata or Vamp Queen (although vamp queen could run as duo), deifnatly add 2-3 tactical command. As you want to profit form their abillities, and enemy does not always help you.

    Due to timing of Vargheist with Neferata he doesnt trigger extra action for you. Id add as the last 2-3 cards then cards that make u sure you can quest:

    • In Abillities with 2 commands youa re 10 which should be enough
    • For Neferata, 3 spells should be enough, for Vamp Queens Soulfeast adn Terrify both work. Soulfeast fits perfectly but is not really good against chaos
    • So for neferata I guess you add units. As your units are all 2-3 corner, you definatly want either 3 or 4 corner, so you dont have to pass to draw to often. Infected therorgeist or crypt shield skeleton. They offer no synergy, but therrorgeist has awesome damage, and crypt shield can sometimes be really good, and also messes with the deploy/into damage questing of enemy

    About Blessings, I guess you can keep orb, I wrote about some options on top. Vampires have no own blessing :(

  • TimChattTimChatt Posts: 2
    I see a lot of Death decks running 2x Scrying Pool is this considered a "staple" in Death decks?
  • SporHammerSporHammer Posts: 3
    I would say the card is probably a staple based on the current card pool, it's the only card that generates card advantage in Death (Beyond a few select vargheists). Compare it too Destructions numerous additional action generators or Orders Celestant prime card filter, it's one of the few cards that lets death get more cards.

    Typically control decks plan to out last and out resource their opponent, and pools helps immensely with that plan.
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