Risen Deck Concept

MemnunMemnun Posts: 3
Hey! I'm new to TCGs in general but I've been loving this game, up for some critique on my deck!

Crypt Infernal Courtier
Heck Knight
Hungering Vampire Lord
Keldrek, the Knight of Shrouds

Cursed Altar
Morbid Terror
Orb of Immortality
Unholy Power

3x Infected Terrorgheist
3x Shrieking Terrorgheist
3x Skeletal Icon Bearer
3x Zombie Dragon

3x Arcane Bolt
3x Unholy Vitality

3x Commanding the Dead
3x Cursed Strike
3x Devour
3x Opportunity Strike

The concept is largely based around the Units, namely Skeletal Icon Bearer to keep the high-damage units in play more frequently. The spells and abilities almost all exist to keep the units around longer, and the rest are efficient damage sources which could reasonably be used as discard for the units, though I'd prefer to top deck my units so I never have to discard in the first place.

Again, happy to take critique and criticism!


  • dirtcheapdirtcheap Posts: 27
    Yeah this looks good, your commanding the dead and zombie dragons can win the game towards the end, pretty good combo. I would ditch all your spells and put in more risen to stack for more end game punch.
  • MemnunMemnun Posts: 3
    thats a good point. maybe go with Charging Black Knight for removal utility, and Skeleton Warriors to extend any damage sources that are about to exhaust?
  • RavenmaneRavenmane Posts: 13
    Why keldrek...?
  • Cornix42Cornix42 Posts: 49

    I really like the deck @Memnun.

    Due to your ability to discard at will from the 9 monsters & HVL I'd consider Claws of the Grave. Several turns of the top card in your discard pile could be absolutely crippling.

    With Keldrek I'd definitely play Charging Black knight, possibly over the Opportunity Strikes.

    Whatever you choose good luck.

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