Is Gordrakk OP?

I read a post in the FB group about these decks being too fast. I've been playing it for a while now and it seems good, but not over powered. Order decks can stall it, and I've played against Chaos decks that were even faster.


  • I've beaten it a couple of times with aggro chaos decks, get it down quickly and end the game fast or stall it and swamp it down

  • Not really imho. Just overplayed. So we've seen it alot, plenty of decks can beat it. You just need to know how and what to counter :) If you Remove or use Dormant on the right things, you take away its strength, and you see it for the glass cannon it is :)

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    The more I face it the more I beat it. Its strong, and I am not sure yet if destruction miht be a bit to strong, but I just beat the last 4 Gordrakks with different decks

  • It's not. Order Beast with Castellant destroys it, Chaos has some even faster aggro builds, Death has some control builds that makes it impossible for them to keep units on the table to stack and/or rotate with his Heroic.

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    Is the Meta Game in your area not adapting to this deck?
  • It must have been OP. They nerfed it in the latest update.
    Devs: You ****. You can't nerf every card that players complain about.
  • Sorry, didn't know s u c Kay was filtered. Or Chupar, in espanol.
  • Are you going to nerf Nagash next?
  • @Malazoid it honestly wasn't that bad of a nerf to begin with, if this were another deck that you didn't play you would be saying something about it as well I bet. The meta was swinging against the gordrakk deck to begin with since people were finding easier ways of beating it consistently. They changed all units to just orruk units, it's still a good card I don't get why people are so bent out of shape

  • Any errata that affects physical cards is bad. If cards are genuinely too OP, that's what bans are for. Ban >>>>> errata. If only because a ban will only occur when there's very good evidence it's needed, rather than just being thrown out because people are not willing to tech against good cards.

  • @XDarkAngelX I agree with the physical card gripes and that is indeed warrented but I also see the need to not ban a card as well from physical/digital as well from PF side of things and as a consumer

  • I own a foil Gordrakk and I think banning it would have been less damaging than errata.

    If only because when the only option is banning, you can't just do it because of kneejerk reactions, as you're going to lose credibility with your players.

  • @Neverdeadned yes, I was a bit too salty, I'd like to change S*ck to "bad move". The errata route is a bad move. It's better to let the meta change and take care of a card that sees too much play. This is like WoTC doing errata to the power 9. Change it back before the beta ends, Devs. In a few days nobody will remember this.

  • Like forge world @Malazoid lol

  • I dont even understand why they did this. They got their data based on what? Casual play? Why not wait until ranked play comes out THEN make a decision based on that data.

    Casual data...smh

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    Grots were busted with Gordrakk. Very little resistance with grots dropping huge damage. Grots invalidated entire strategies such as healing decks because I could drop 35+ damage in one turn. This was a necessary errata. It is not even that bad of one. Gordrakk is still strong and so is all of destruction.

    Thanks PF for not letting broken grot combo run rampant.

    Castellant beasts was not a counter to this deck, btw. You just sit back a few turns and complete a few corners of some champions and the BLAMMO! grOTK!

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    Yeah, neither double Castellants nor Vorrus actually beat it if you built and played a Grot version well.

    There was one build that could counter it, and that was actually a fun skill-based match-up, but that isn't enough to stop it massively distorting the meta.

    Of course there were also loads of people playing Gordrakk who could be beaten all the time, but that doesn't mean the right deck in the hands of a very good (but not necessarily great) player was not a problem.

    I don't think it was just general trends from the app (if it was, I agree that's not ideal, since those are massively distorted by other variables). I think they looked at stuff beyond that (though I don't know for sure).
  • The only possible reason i could see them changing this is future related grot cards

  • i think they went after the wrong card. when you nerf a combo deck imo you hit the enablers not the finisher ie in magic banning gitaxian probe hitting one of the turbo questing champions or one of the common action gaining units to me would have been better. gordrakk owners would still have their cool card and the devs would be freer in their design going forward because destruction action/tempo gaining shenanigans will be part of another "broken"strategy again.

  • I mean the card is still powerful, there was a slight change so its not that big of a powerhouse but it still is a heavy hitter

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    Gordrakk was no doubt incredibly powerful and in my opinion over-powered. His heroic ability combined with the powerful mechanic of stacking as well as powerful 3-4 turn cards caused far too much destruction compared to other Champions of similar value. Gordrakk became a staple in Destruction decks as he was simply too powerful to justify not using him. The new version of Gordrakk open up possibilities for new Orruk decks as well as leaves powerful 3-4 turn cards to the beasts. All-around very smart and wise change.
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    Yeah still a pretty big stick but forces a bit more nuanced play now.
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    I've also used him for some crazy resource generation with a Waagh! Chanter which allows for some big draw turns and ensures I have plenty of resources for future turns
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    After nerf still strong, but need more specific deck build around him. Plus that Chanter is Orruk as well:)
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    The best data you could collect it through online app since more active and stats are there suggesting the card is almost auto include for top tier faction meta decks
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    I think ive seen less and less gordrak The higher My rank has gone

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    edited October 2018
    In some kind of way destruction is overpowered.
    It has possibilities no other faction has.
    Got today a fight against destruction.
    In round 2 the Orc player was having "Cruising for a Bruising" active and 3 orcs on the playfield.
    In round 3 he could turn this 3 orcs to the last corner, than playing Wagg Call and bam you win on round 3.
    I know it needs a bit luck to have the right cards on your hand but still a win on turn 3 is not even possible with chaos speed decks.

    Add: Small calculation, with this secret setup it is possible to do in the best case (exact needed cards, no dmg reduction) with an Gordrakk deck 34 dmg in 3 rounds.
    Similar destruction decks without Gordrakk may take 4 turns to do this.
  • How did they get Cruisin' active turn 2?

    Did you walk into Rip-Tooth and removal?

  • Yes i walked into a Rip-Toth removal.
    I still see it a an bug that Deadly Chop triggers the corner ability and corner damage.
    But even without Deadly Chop it is possible to get Cruisin on turn 2.
    I would like to post a link but it is not allowed for me right now.
    So check the Facebook group The Competitive Edge for more info.
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    to be honest I never used gordrak as I never saw him as a fun build. as a brewer my builds where allready strong enough to deal with him. the real issue for me post change is how restricted my builds have become. e.g. our blessing and champions are pathetic there synergies nearly nearly non existant.
    confining destruction to mediocre meta builds. Jesus knows that you have damaged a game on the whims of noobs and netdeckers. and as someone who has played over 1000 games with destruction only you have killed any inspired builds of the entire alliance . get use to playing 2 riptooths and what ever other champions that do nothing or leave a big hole that says apply your damage here. knee **** reactions to players who have no card pools should be highly cautioned in future. Lads We da best pillow fighters ever dumb.
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