Gordrakk, Fist of Gork Update

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Greetings Champions,

It’s been exciting watching the reactions to Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions over the last month since the game launched, especially seeing decks being shared by all of you on our forums, Facebook, Discord and other social media. We have, however, noticed one strategy that is proving to be particularly dominant (primarily in the Digital game, where we have the most match information).

Based on the feedback we’ve seen, as well as data drawn from matches in the Champions digital game we are going to be making a change to one Champion card in the game. Gordrakk, Fist of Gork has proved to be an incredibly powerful Champion, with his Heroic Act providing a game-ending amount of damage in conjunction with cards like Cowardly Grots and Grot Slashas on top of the already consistent damage strategy that the Grand Alliance: Destruction presents.

Gordrakk, Fist of Gork has been changed as follows:

Previous: Heroic Act: Rotate all your Units to their final corner. This Heroic Act can only be used once per game.

New: Heroic Act: Rotate all your Orruk Units to their final corner. This Heroic Act can only be used once per game.

We believe this change moves Gordrakk away from the one turn maximum damage strategy with Grot cards whilst keeping him in his rightful place as the ‘Boss of Bosses’. This change is effective immediately in the Physical game (and will be updated in the Card Database) and has been adjusted in the Digital game in a recent update. At the current time we will continue keeping a close eye on how cards develop (given the early stage of the developing meta).


  • There is never any justification for erratas in physical card games and barely ever in digital games. It's even more galling when the card is not even part of an oppressive archetype. This sets a terrible precedent for any game that aspires to have a competitive scene.

  • Such a knee **** reaction IMO and really not good for the health of the game at this early stage of development. I understand the need to placate the vast majority, however you alientate those that supported you before the game went life aka Founders.

    Question is, will founders get a reprint of the new errata card?

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    This is certainly not a knee-**** reaction. It's a much needed adjustment. The card carried too much value for one champion compared to all others. Sure, there are other combinations that may beat a gordrakk deck, but that's a different matter of faction balance.

    Errata to improve the health of the game is more important than avoiding "but waa, my OP shiny card has about 3 words different now" comments. Certainly, too many errata'd cards would lead to devaluing the physical card set, but this one, especially on the first set, seems entirely reasonable.

    Keep it up guys. Being responsive to the community after a large volume of testing is a really good sign for the game's future.

  • Gordrakk is not even a tier 1 deck. If this is what gets errata'd, get ready for weekly erratas for everything under the sun.

  • Not sure how many games you have played @JustGreg but Gordrakk is far from the BEST champion in game. Riptooth Mega Claw has a lot more value that Grodrakk because of his ability to flip his blessing on turn 2.

    Errata to improve the health of the game when it wasn't broke to begin with, and to change it based on complaints of the vocal minority is a knee **** reaction.

  • All the games I've played in the past 3 days have been against decks that would beat Gordrakk decks, and also just happen to have a solid plan against what i'm fielding. Chaos can outrun it, Order can punish it and Death just kills everything on their board

  • Founders, what are your thoughts on this, given the card we have has been updated?

  • I have 4 founders collections and I feel this is a HORRIBLE knee-**** reaction.

  • I'd probably prefer to see some other tweaks to destruction but this is a good first step. Gordrakk is annoying and simply not fun to play against. Taking 24 damage in one turn straight from hand just ruins the game.
    My bigger concern is that destruction simply do almost everything better than other factions, apart from maybe healing and control.
    They burst better, they remove better, they often pop quests better and they draw better which is the big one. They are simply so much more consistent than the other faction.
    But still think there's room for the meta to evolve. I'm glad the devs are looking at it and willing to fix problems. Card errata sucks but it's good for the health of the game long term.

    I just wish the game wasnt so much about who draws better.

  • No one wants overpowered cards. If left unchecked this could’ve snowballed into something worse down the road with more cards.

    I applaud them for being proactive and firm with changing a card.

    This is better than any alternative. I’d rather this than banning the card or leaving it the way it was.

    Yeah in a perfect game it wouldn’t have been an issue, but there is no such thing as a perfect game.

    I have a founders card. I don’t care that it has been errataed. I can remember one word added to his text. I don’t think I’m entitled to a reprint; because it makes the game better.

    Keep up the good work.

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    Wow, very big decision!

    I'm sure there are plenty of people who complain how this isn't a problem - but apparently the data shows differently; just because the card hasn't been effective by the opponents **you **faced, using **your ** deck, doesn't mean it's not a problem for most others - which it sounds to be.

    I personally found this to be a hard card to go against - fortunately most players will broadcast when they're setting up the for the move which makes it easy to counter.. against a skilled opponent who would keep dealing the damage and set up the activations where I can't respond/force my counter-play in a feint.. this could be really, really brutal.

    The people at Play Fusion know what they're doing, so must have seen some pretty damning data to need to make this decision so early.

  • WhizzwangWhizzwang Posts: 34 ✭✭

    As one of the highest ranking players in the game with some of the most games played I applaud this decision. Godrakk grots is a zero skill deck that dominates the destruction builds. You just draw cards until you have a rally and 2 of the offensive grot cards and boom 20 damage. Yes there are decks that beat it but if they luck out and have the cards in hand turn 2 it's over and there is NOTHING you can do to stop it. He's still powerful with this change and the only reason I can see people complaining is that they probably paid **** money for him and they're a little sorry for themselves. This change WAS needed for the health if the game.

  • GapraidGapraid Posts: 32
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    With physical cards I don't like errata, since they are confusing to anyone who doesn't play competitively on a regular basis. Errata tend to pile up (take a look at some of FFG's LCGs, if you want to know what I mean) and ruin the fun for everyone in the long run.

    An erratum can easily be made in the online version, I just hope that we get a fixed reprint for the cards, too, to keep things clean.

  • SlapChopzSlapChopz Posts: 125 ✭✭

    For those complaining about it, perhaps you haven't seen the otk based deck. If you like games lasting more than 3 or 4 turns, this is a good thing. it usually takes 5 or so turns to set up but it can happen in fewer turns. You cannot heal to avoid. You can barely be defensive about it. I personally dropped 34 damage in one turn through a field with a protector prime and a paladin protector. I've swung nearly 30 damage turns through mystic shields. The deck completely invalidates entire strategies.

  • GapraidGapraid Posts: 32
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    If there is a problem with it, ban it, reprint a new version and everyone is on the clear. My main concern is the erratum. Most physical games don't do that, because errata can be confusing, especially if you have too many.

    You can still use an erratum for the online version, but I don't like the thought of having to reread my physical cards all the time.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • Great! - It's good that PlayFusion are quick in dealing with these crop-up issues! I applaud.

  • AlbanyAdrielAlbanyAdriel Posts: 39 ✭✭

    What is great about a beta is that they can track results live and change it before the game is released. Based upon feedback and DATA from the app they felt the change was warranted. Anecdotal, or "What about the Founders" arguments are limited in utility.

    You can't set a bad precedent on the released version if the changes are still live.

  • VraelVrael Posts: 17

    So will PlayFusion be sending out free reprints to those who have him? I have the Founders Foil and standard version from a booster.

  • Good decision to change this card. It's oppressive and limits future design space. I have to admit I'm surprised this card made the cut, when I saw him I immediately put him in every destruction deck as the burst/combo potential is huge.

    Not sure why people are expecting free reprints? I can't think of a single CCG where this has been done

  • Plus its not that drastic of a change either @Teppic and it now follows more in line with other cards as well since it is specific to Orruks now only, you don't need a new card just a reminder that its changed to orruks only. It's still powerful as all heck still I don't get why people are so mad about it, mistakes happen and having one minor mistake for a new game is to be expected if at all

  • KdashKdash Posts: 40

    Ok, so, while i don't have any problems with things being re-balanced i think it needs to be documented better.

    I don't tend to follow this forum "in depth" and i only stumbled across the change today after seeing whether the sub-reddit was worth revisiting. The change was 4 days ago now.

    The card also currently still shows as being the original version on the Card Database, so any new player is going to be looking at the old card. If a change is made to a card, it needs to be updated there asap.

    In addition, i think there needs to be a central document (alongside the FAQs) noting rules errata and card changes for people to easily reference. No store player is going to have a clue about these changes, and aren't likely going to trawl through forum news topics every so often. It might not be a massive issue now, but, as the game expands and grows it will be.

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    The card also currently still shows as being the original version on the Card Database,

    You are indeed correct.

    https://www.warhammerchampions.com/decks-and-packs/card-database/card/Gordrakk, Fist of Gork

    They have been updating the OP promo card entries so maybe this will follow.

    I would suspect any card errata can be put at the end of the Comprehensive Rules.

    Less documents is more. Not literally obviously.

  • It would be great if card changes were handled in the app like Hearthstone i.e. big pop up when the game starts explaining what's changed and allow us to recycle digital copies of the card for full cost for a couple of weeks after the changes go live.

    I also agree that any errata / ban lists should be appended to the comprehensive rules

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