My versatility Ironjawz deck! :D Waaaghtastic!

So here's the deck that I play, it's quite versatile:

Loud-Mouthed Megaboss
Orruk Boss
Warboss Recruiter
Frenzied Warchanter

Cruisin' for a Bruisin'
Smash and Bash
Renewed War-Lust
Might of Gork

3x Waaagh! Chanters
1x Gore Choppa Brute
3x Orruk Shield Bashers
3x Orruk Scrappers
3x Brute Smashas
3x Surprising Skulkers
3x Meat Shield Grots
1x Big Stappa Crew
2x Banner Carrier
2x Cowardly Grots

2x Rallying Cry
3x Deadly Chop
1x Mosh Pit

I try to complete the quests without wasting too many cards, I use deadly chop to remove the worst enemy cards, the rallying cries to fullfill several quests at once, and the meat shield grots when I need to buy more time. I use the Warboss Recruiters ability as the first thing each turn for a free action. I place the 3 Waaagh Chanters as soon as I get them, and I try to shield them aswell as my stacks with banner carriers.

Let me know if you'll try it out :) I've had good results, works well against everything.

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