Charging bloodcrusher bugged on app?

Card text reads: Remove a highlighted Unit.

↺ damage to your Opponent.

The highlighted Champion cannot use Abilities.

The subject is enemy opposite champion. When this card is played in-app, it does not remove anything. Can someone explain this card to me because if what I'm reading is correct, it should be removing my opponents unit opposite the champion i play it on. I'm mostly asking so i can make sure to play correctly against my friends irl.


  • FredfrogFredfrog Posts: 1Unconfirmed
    The card isn't bugged in app as far as i know. While there is an X in a cards active corner it has no card text, so the removal & inability to play abilities is only active on corner 3 when it deals damage. Hope this helps :)
  • ChampionChampion Posts: 415 ✭✭✭

    Make sure you watch the tutorial videos or read the Quickstart rules to know how the cards should function.

    "X: Whilst a card has an X as its current corner, it does not apply any of its effects (This does not include any “As Enters…” play effects that trigger in limbo). X is not considered to be a value (I.e. it is not 0)."

  • ActionB461ActionB461 Posts: 3
    Thanks everyone, so just to make sure I understand, the X's mean that this card would apply it's remove affect once it deals that 2 damage, correct? :)
  • ChampionChampion Posts: 415 ✭✭✭

    When the current corner shows an X treat all of the card text as blank.

  • ActionB461ActionB461 Posts: 3
    Thanks so much!
  • iMisterJayiMisterJay Posts: 17
    I thought this was strange too, thanks for the advice.
    So I'm guessing that you need to think of this card a blocker of sorts.
    Seems to be designed with a specific action in mind.
  • Thematically it's charging towards your opponent, so for two turns it's building up speed, then on the third it smashes through the champion's defences (removing any unit in its way), deals damage and leaves the champion lightly stunned for a turn (and thus unable to use abilities).

  • tabiiitabiii Posts: 8
    i had the same problem when i start playing AoS Champions. but with time you will get into it :blush:
  • GruenherzGruenherz Posts: 19
    Yeah I was there too until I found this thread. Makes sense now but I was very confused for a couple games there
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