Mission: Neutral Glory

Does the mission "Neutral Glory" seem excessive in the extreme to anybody else? It requires you to play 30 unaligned cards. This is not an achievement, but a daily mission! I changed up a deck to include every unaligned card that I have (which is quite a few), I've played 3 games with the deck, and I've only managed to play 5 unaligned cards. This mission is not exactly fun, and it's going to take me all day to accomplish. The entire time I'll be playing with a deck that isn't my own. Also not fun.

Can we incorporate some sort of choice as to what daily quest we receive? Or perhaps can we drop quests that we do not like? Or can we simply reduce the 30 unaligned cards down to say 10 or even 20? I know we don't want to drop it too low and just be giving gold away, but the current requirement of 30 seems a bit much for me.



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    You do know missions are optional right?
    Just come back tomorrow and there will be new ones.

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    That's an interesting way of not realizing that this mission is way overtuned compared to most others.

    I think this mission should be turned down to playing 5 neutral cards. Missions should encourage you to play each day with small rewards, not seem like an absolute slog that you either must ignore or play 15+ games to complete.

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    People are going to want different things from missions and challenges. Some people want to be spoon fed free stuff for doing as little as possible. Some people like to be challenged. I am sure there can be a balance.
    What I enjoy about the challenges is they make me try out different factions and tactics to beat the challenge deck.
    And it is the same with missions. I had never played Destruction and was saving it for a rainy day (which may never have come). So when the Play 30 Destruction Cards came up I used the starter deck and played some games with it. Something entirely prompted by the mission. Then I started building Destruction decks. Again, prompted entirely by the mission.
    You get to have 3 daily missions on the go at once. Yesterday I started the Unaligned mission. Today it is still there half way complete waiting for me to come back to it.
    There is now a play 30 chaos cards mission too which I could probably complete without noticing. I don’t need to do anything different to play 30 chaos cards and could probably do it in two games. Personally I won’t have been challenged and won’t feel any sense of reward when I collect the gold and shards.
    But with the 30 Unaligned cards I have built a whole new deck – which I would not have built if I weren’t chasing this mission – and it is prompting me to play, explore and enjoy the game in a way I would not normally do, which I think is both very good for the game and highly valuable for me to grow as a player.
    All of the starter decks contain unaligned cards and you don’t have to buy anything or even play outside your faction to eventually complete this mission. With persistence ANYONE can complete this.
    Unlike for example the win 2 games daily mission. Which can’t be completed with persistence alone.
    Maybe a player isn’t great at strategic thinking, maybe they constantly get bad matchups, maybe the decks they like to play aren’t supper effective. It is possible for someone to never win a match. But it is possible for that same person to play 30 cards. And because you get 3 daily missions there will hopefully always be a mission which you can complete and feel a sense of pride for accomplishing.
    If you want free rewards for doing nothing then post your booster cards online. PlayFusion already has a way of giving you things for no effort. I think the missions and challenges are working the way they are intended, that is to get you play more, and play in different ways.

  • I think there's a point though, since the number of unaligned cards is far from being equivalent to the number of faction cards, the number should probably be reduced to something more manageable. I'd say 10, personally.

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    Many of the achievements are tiered. Maybe it is a simple thing to introduce tiered missions. So for 10 unaligned cards you could get 20 gold or something.

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    Yea just got this quest for the 2nd day in a row... not super happy about it as I had just dismantled the deck that I had made to complete it the first time. Maybe I have to have a deck just ready at all times just for this mission. Not super thrilled about that idea, either...

    Love the game, though. Having a ton of fun. Just want this one annoyance to get looked at.
  • Also- frankly I dislike your assertion that buying stuff means its "free." Some of us have to work for our money.
  • beredinnberedinn Posts: 16
    Sorry for reply old post, but I have solution (especially for Archaon): make special deck "only mage unaligment". Most of spell ale unalig, so Is possible to finish one game with 10-15 unalig used. And very often - winning, especially against 1-3 tier campaign.
  • beredinnberedinn Posts: 16
    Aaaand battle against AI don't make mission from today :( Even against casual too; mission from today work only on ranked... :(
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