Exemplar applications are now live!

What is an Exemplar?
Exemplars are players of passion, courage, and enthusiasm! Exemplars seek out and extend the hand of friendship to new, like-minded champions and bring them into the Warhammer Champions community.

They teach and train new players the game and help create amazing experiences such as grand in-store battles amongst fellow champions.

Anyone can become an Exemplar provided they embody the core ideals of the Exemplar Program and help to build a community that remains friendly, inclusive and welcoming.

Which role will you choose?
Both Vexillors and Heraldors hold essential roles within the Champions community, though either do so in their own way.

A Vexillor may be a content creator, regular forum posters or community members active as an ambassador on other social channels. They are friendly and helpful members of the community who look to spread knowledge and passion for the game whenever they can.

A Heraldor must possess a deep knowledge of the game’s rules and take it upon themselves to lead demonstration events at stores and introduce new players to the game. Some Heraldors may even be called upon to help run tournaments and Organized Play events! Becoming a Heraldor is not for the faint of heart as to do so involves demonstrating your game knowledge in a ruling test.

Apply here to lead your fellow recruits: https://www.warhammerchampions.com/community/exemplar-applications/apply/

Join the discussion and tell us below which role you choose.


  • I chose Vexillor because I peruse the forum several times a day, that, and because I am a YouTuber who will continously post AOS:C related content, and I intend to become the National Champion of the physical game in Denmark. And because I keep sharing and spreading news of it to my students (I am teaching) - and to my friends and people I meet :) - So it seemed like a perfect fit. Now lets see if I get to come onboard ;)

    See ya out there :)

  • I've put in for the role of Heraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaldor (with much rolling of Rs) - I'm the main game purchaser/rules explainer amongst my chums, do a fair amount of training peeps through work, I enjoy organising stuff and really liked the atmosphere at the two Playfusion demo days I attended.

  • Why not both?

  • Vexillor, because I'm able to be more active on the forums and in social media and when I'm able to play in the stores and out and about but I am too busy with family stuff for demonstrations and I don't feel I'm that comfortable to do so yet lol

  • MortMort Posts: 12

    Heraldor, I’m already an Mtg Judge, and was sold of this game after attending the demo day at my LGS, looking forward to (hopefully) helping them run organised play events in the future!

  • I've applied as a Heraldor since that best suits my current situation but may apply for Vexillor in the future.

  • Applied for Heraldor. Seems like a great fit as I'm the one in my game group to read the rules and down the local game store I'm usually the one who is asked/judges on rule disputes.

    I think the game is great and would love to help it grow!


    I have applied, hoping to do more for the community!

  • Any word on GW staff being ineligible for either role?

  • GapraidGapraid Posts: 32

    I would like to apply for Heraldor, since I work at a LGS that wants to run events. Sadly the exemplar application page tells me that I don't exist, which is quite confusing, since I am writing this down right now. ^^

    It says: "User does not exist."

  • YES I a heraldor ! Thank you play fusion first great opportunity

  • @Ninjakitty91 can you clarify how you can get an Exemplar badge on forums? Do you have to be a Heraldor or just Vexillor??

  • I applied and got accepted as a Heraldor but I don't have access to the Exemplar forum. I used the same email I use for this account and put this username down on the test.
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