(Not So) New Deck: Mordant Midrange

Hello, I'm EpicMohsar, TCG lover and avid Death player. Originally I was going to post this list in a thread that already had a very similar deck, but the post got so long I figured I'd just make a new thread. If that's not cool just let me know and I'll change it.

Anyway, I have been very successful with this deck, both online and in tournaments. It has a midrange sort of feel that ends the game with hard hitting abilities. The biggest success of the deck is how consistently it can complete quests while simultaneously gaining health and generating card advantage.

Crypt Haunter Courtier x2
Varghulf Courtier
Abhorrant Ghoul King

Orb of Immortality
Cloak of Mist and Shadow
Turmoil of Soiuls
Carrion Feast

Freakish Crypt Horror x3
Ravenous Crypt Ghoul x3
Feasting Vargheist x3
Frenzied Vargheist x2
Fearsom Crypt Flayer x1
Unhallowed Mortis Engine x2

Frightful Touch x3
Scrying Pool x2

Devour x3
Opportunity Strike x3
Cursed Strike x3
Frightful Strike x2

Crypt Haunter Courtiers are my favorite Champions in Death. They complete their quests very consistently, provide 2 health, and their healing ability is (sometimes) relevant. Abhorrant Ghoul King is an obvious include.

Note: Despite the low amount of spells in the deck, I believe Varghulf Courtier is still the only champion you want due to the -2 health. This will leave you at 32 life at the start of the game, which means your early Feasting Vargheists and Freakish Crypt Horrors will rotate your Crypt Haunter Courtier quests without requiring your opponent to hit you first.

I'm pretty happy with the blessings here. I have Supernatural Horror and The Royal Hunt in the sideboard for tournaments. Supernatural Horror will only come in against Destruction.

Feasting Vargheist and Freakish Crypt Horror are the MVP units of the deck. They rotate our Crypt Haunters while generating value through drawing cards or providing life swings. Ravenous Crypt Ghoul is a fine card, it's necessary to complete quests.

Note on Frenzied Vargheist and Fearsom Crypt Flayer: The number of copies seem arbitrary but I like them. Crypt Flayer is another Mordant to complete quests, however the Frenzied Vargheists allow the Varghulf Courtier to rotate his quest as well. You can change these but I recommend trying this first.

Unhallowed Mortis Engine seem like a strange pick, but actually replaced Black Hunger with them. We run this card for the Heroic Act, which provides damage and healing, allowing a lot of flexibility to complete quests. I found this to be stronger and more consistent than Black Hunger, which was awkward more often than useful.

As stated before I used to have Black Hunger in the deck but I found it was too clunky, so I replaced it with the more consistent Mortis Engine.

We use these as our win condition. Opportunity Strike's raw damage potential at the early/end stages of the game is more valuable than Frightful Strike's effect. Cursed Strike is one of my favorite cards in Death as manipulating your opponents cards is both fun and very good.

Patience and placement are key with this deck. Always remember that your early goal is to complete quests, so place your cards accordingly.

This post is getting pretty long already, I can follow up with matchups later if there's interest.


  • MarkMMarkM Posts: 34

    Nice list and write up. I run a similar list and have been considering adding the unhallowed engines.
    You've encouraged me to give it a try!

  • I like this list a lot. Death is my bread and butter and it's always cool seeing people's lists.
  • TheLPTheLP Posts: 7
    Really enjoying death with this deck
  • axelorqueaxelorque Posts: 12
    Really nice deck :smile:
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