Lord of Change Burn

Lord of Change
Lord of Change
Bloodreaver Chieftain
Chaos Champion


Chaos Runeblade
Spelleater Curse
Outrageous Carnage
Wanton Destruction


3x Fearless Khorgoraths
2x Pink Horror Conjurer
2x Gore Slick Skullreaper
3x insatiable bloodreaver


3x Arcane Bolt
3x Hellfire Blast
3x Searing Firestorm


3x Blood Hunt
3x opportunity strike
3x furious strike
2x blood for the blood god

This is a deck I built for the spell daily and it’s been a lot of fun. The only thing that slows you down is your opponent having 2-3 of their devour/blood hunt etc in their top 15. You can easily tell because the slower decks will start drawing if they don’t have the spell removal and it seems to take all 3 copies to beat you. More aggressive decks will just try to race which is where the blood for the blood god comes in.

Ithe pink horror conjurer is probably worse than bloodfury wrathmonger or fanatical skull fiend and it’s long wind up time makes it vulnerable to the unit based removal. That being said it’s fun when it does work.

I wouldn’t call it the most powerful chaos deck but it puts a lot of pressure on because of the current lack of spell removal and is great for completing the spell daily.


  • WunderbaumWunderbaum Posts: 13
    looks like a fun deck - will try it out!
  • Deffinetly have to give this one a go.
  • FamiliarFamiliar Posts: 21
    I've had good luck with this! I swapped in Archaon and a Gaunt Summoner with good effect.
  • shillshill Posts: 13
    I tried something similar to this but probably had too many units I like your list better I might give it a try.
  • RancordRancord Posts: 44

    Met a Lord of change Burn deck yesterday. 2x Aspiring Deathbringer, 2x Lord of Change, think I saw 3 tactical commands, and all burn spells

  • Xenith_IncXenith_Inc Posts: 32
    Seems fun, I dont have any LoC at the moment, but will try and get some!
  • Xenith_IncXenith_Inc Posts: 32
    Any chance you can export the list from your app and make it sharable?
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