Destruction Deck - Post Nerf - Pitched Format

Destruction Deck - Post Nerf - Pitched Format
Very high win ratio currently sitting at 10-0.

Realistically wins 80% to 90% of the time

I have played this deck in some iteration or another from lvl 50 to 66 and have been really successful with it. I have yet to see this line up in any of my games. I will go over the main deck first then my sideboard and why I chose them.

Again this is pitched battle deck, so essentially, you will need to make both to understand both.

Main Deck

Champions - 18/20 - 31 Life
Kunnin Grot Shaman
Rip Tooth Megaboss
Loud Mouth Megaboss
Orruk boss

Cruisin for a Bruisin
Smash and Bash
Might of Gork
Ushering of the Waaagh!

Big Stabb Crew x2
Gore - Choppa Brute x2
Orruk Scrappers x3
Pouncing Wolf Rider x2
Sweeping Gore Grunta x2
Waaagh Chanter x3
Brute Smashas x3
Orruk Shield Bashers x2

Gaze of Mork x2
Invigorating Chant x2

Deadlychop x3
Rally Cry
Tactical Formation x3

With the meta shifting almost weekly, from chaos speed decks, last stand decks, Death Control, Order beasts and Control decks and finally other interesting destruction builds, this one has stood the test of pretty much all of them. Initially, I lost 50% of the games because I kept forgetting about Kunnin Grot Shamans Ability.

Essentially, the way the main deck plays is as follows:
Complete either Riptooth megaboss or Loudmouth megaboss quests as soon as possible. Now a days people will try to lock down a lane, hence the need for both. Focus on completing your quests, that is your primary goal.

Blessings are very game changing and adds a component of pressure to how they play and essentially makes then reactive vs. proactive.

Once you complete 1 quest complete the other, yes I realize that you maybe close to dead but thats why Kunnin Grot Shaman comes in to play.

By far my MVP of all of my games. Couple him with 3 Tactical Formations, 18 units, and I am pretty much un-killable, but you have to be cognizant to keep units to either side of him, even at the cost of stacking. With the additional actions you should have definite card advantage thru the entire game. If played right you can literally come from behind. I have had multiple games where I was down to 1 life and they had 20. I chump blocked with Kunnin, while completing my blessings and came back to win a few turns later.

Kunnin also stops everything, including blessings. I played a mirror the other day when I was down to 10 life and he completed Crusin for a bruisin and hit me for 12, I scarified a unit and ignored all of the damage, subsequently I killed him the following turn

Side Board:

  • Riptooth Megaboss
  • Cowardly Grots
  • Gore Choppa
  • Suprising Skulkers
    +Crowded Wolf Chariot
    +Big Stabba Crew
    +Pouncing Wolf Rider
    +3 Trampling Grunta

  • Kunnin Grot Shaman

  • Tactical Formation
  • 2 Sweeping Gore Gruntas
  • 1 Orruk Sheild Bashers
  • Rally Cry
  • 2 Invigoration Chat
  • 2 Gaze of Mork

This looks more like your normal destruction build, and yes you are correct. This is about match ups and giving yourself the best changers to win 2 out of 3 in the pitched format. I have played this version a lot as well as its mainly used to counter control decks. Again control decks will lock down 1 maybe 2 lane is set up correctly, but with adding another Riptooth it gives you another option to complete their quest.

Trampling Gruntas give fits to control decks because they put everything into a dormant state and the speed in which this deck comes out is pretty fast. If the control player mis-plays you can really punish them to the point they may not recover.

Versus like aggro decks like Zoo or Orruks, it holds it own, but does not have the life gain or sustainability the main deck does

At the end of the day, with the current environment I am pretty much done with my Destruction deck.

As far as my next deck I am going to brew, its either going to be order or chaos. Once I figure it out and play a ton I will post it here.

Play it, customize it, but most of all have fun.

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