Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions Digital Game - Out Now!

Hail, Champions!

The day has arrived, we’re happy to announce that the Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions Digital Game is now available on the Android, iOS and Amazon stores. We’re hugely grateful to everyone who participated in the closed beta and helped us to make Champions Digital as good as it can be. We’re excited about all the upcoming updates and new features we’re working on to make this game even better.

Here are some of the features you can expect in-game:

  1. Scan your physical cards to use digitally
  2. Custom build the ultimate deck
  3. Challenge friends and foes around the globe
  4. Practice against the cunning AI
  5. Go for the top of the leaderboards
  6. Scan booster cards to gain in-game rewards
  7. Refer friends for extra goodies
  8. Collect achievements
  9. Customise your gameplay experience with playmats
  10. Customise your profile with avatars

Future Updates and Features

Of course, just because the digital game has launched it doesn’t mean that we are done adding features and new fun things to the game! Keep an eye on the forums as we will be keeping you up to date with details of our development and, of course, we will be looking to get your feedback on what your thoughts are on those features and the game so far!

The app is available on Google Play, the iOS App Store and Amazon App Store, see our newpost to download now!

Look forward to seeing you all in-game!


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