Toughest Deck To Go Against?

Does anyone have a particular faction/deck that they just don't do good against? Love the Order deck but I always have problems facing Destruction decks. Maybe it's because I'm still learning the dog's and dont's of the game but they always give me the most trouble.


  • *Do's and dont's.
  • Destruction is definitely a rough match-up for certain order decks. Castalant is very good against destruction though
  • I agree with Distruction, being able to generate extra actions and burst damage is hard.
  • I actually just got just got Castalant and he does help out a bit. The extra actions are torture but loving the strategy anyway, makes me want to keep experiencing with my deck to find the perfect synergy of cards to kick Destruction ****.
  • BigZebasBigZebas Posts: 2
    Destruction is the hardest MU for sure. I play a full control Celestant Prime deck that works very good against chaos and death, but Destruction is OP in my opinion. Got 26 damage only from Blessings in a local tournament today. Can't figure out how to improve the MU.
  • RavenmaneRavenmane Posts: 13
    Mystic shields ftw
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