Gameplay videos

Making an attempt at some gameplay videos. Heres my first two playing Death. Any tips or criticism is welcome.

Death vs Death

Death vs Destruction


  • ChampionChampion Posts: 415 ✭✭✭

    I had a skim through both of them and they look good. Polite, entertaining commentary. Clear visuals (the card popups really help).

    My only concern is do you have consent from the other party to record the game and did they know they are being recorded.

    In Europe there are very secure privacy laws and collecting someone personal information (their player tag) and filming, storing and broadcasting their activity can be a no no.

    In these days of Twitch and livestreaming it would be handy if there was a consent button that you could click to opt in so that other people could film, edit and monetise your gameplay.

  • I'll look into it more but have talked to a few others who also do recording and live streams and I've been told not to worry about it.

  • More videos up. A facebook group is doing an online tournament. My round one games are up on youtube

  • MickmannMickmann Posts: 12
    Got to check those out - when I am not at work anymore ;-)
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