the definitive order type deck ?.

siddhartha2018siddhartha2018 Posts: 3
:* the definitive order type deck ?.

I barely have 3 weeks to learn about the game and therefore it is that I am learning to manage it in the best possible way me and a friend who previously had already practiced other tcg games but without much success. although the point is that I have a big doubt, guys is it possible to have a definitive order type deck ?.

I explain myself better in the end all of us who are on this boat want to learn more about AOS CHAMPIONS.

And the question is the following ...

If any of you have available a '' list '' of the best available combinations and / or would like to compare with an amateur CDMX? in advance 1000 thanks I hope that the community of this game continues to increase.


  • AsagislingAsagisling Posts: 4
    What do you mean by "order type deck" exactly? The common order archetypes? The starter order deck's mechanics? What would be the most order-like deck lorewise?
  • sunshine54sunshine54 Posts: 5
    I think that Order is the best at playing the best "Value creatures" Compare it to your green decks in magic bad against removal great at just out valuing your opponent. Though Order can be built many ways thats how my stormcast deck functions
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