Celestant-Prime Champion Buddies

Celestant-Prime has a bomb Heroic Ability, one of the best in the game by itself. But this is counter-balanced by his ridiculously high cost, only leaving 8 points for 3 other champions. If you were forced to make him work, what champions would you pick?

Liberator Prime [1]
Knight-Azyros [2]
Lochian Prince [2]

Here's a list that skips Aelfs and Beasts:
Knight-Heraldor (rotate stormcast forwards) + 4 Points
Protector Prime (-1 damage across) + 3 Points
Vandus Hammerhand (3 dmg if own unit removed) + Liberator Prime + Liberator Prime
Lord-Relictor (wizard, if you gain 4 hp) + Liberator Prime + Liberator Prime

These options are pretty poor to be honest. Especially as Liberator Prime's questing is awful (can we do his quests in reverse? :D ).

My gut tells me you use Protector Prime by default (and basically give up on questing), else Vandus Hammerhand if you want to do some combo work (e.g. Triumphant Self-Rotate) and easier questing. Thoughts?

Or maybe you can do synergy with Aelfs and Beasts with only 8 points? Anyone ever try?


  • My preferred layout would be:

    Celestant-Prime (12)
    Knight-Heraldor (4)
    Knight-Azyros (2)
    Liberator-Prime (1)

    Knight-Azyros can be *really* quickly rushed by playing something like Hurricane Raptor/Disruptive Liberator + Tactical Formation/Piercing Shot, as on their rotation they'll complete the 3rd line. This can also be done with Lochian Prince but there isn't enough Aelf synergy available for that I feel.

    Once you get past that annoying initial-damage corner on Liberator, you can proceed at a decent pace on his quests.

    Heraldor wants lots of Units (making him a bit slow) but his positioning means he can throw down quickly-expiring Units for value (Paladin Protector to cover 3 spaces and protect your guys, Hurricane Raptor) and can make the slower Longstrike/Skybolt guys hurry through.

    Heraldor and Celestant fight for Heroic Actions but that basically just gives us options: if we already have tools to win on the board, let Heraldor push the issue. If we need something specific, go digging with Celestant.

    I'd line them up Liberator-Prime | Celestant-Prime | Knight-Heraldor | Knight-Azyros and run some Inspired Glory to punish 2 lanes. You could also swap Celestant and Azyros to get Rend if it's valuable to you later on (and puts something like a Blessed Weapons flip into a more convenient spot).

    Heraldor can then have Longstrike/Skybolt placed on it forcing them to **** removal or let us draw some cards and quickly rotate them off as needed to keep progressing. Knight-Azyros's Rend isn't super useful and since we plan to throw units on it right away, likely not going to be active commonly anyway so being on the edge isn't as useful.

    This style of deck would definitely be a tempo/midrange Order deck that would make lots of use of things like Hurricane Raptor, Disruptive Liberator, Tactical Formation, Inspiring Glory etc. to keep the opponent's options limited. This is basically a variation on a deck I'm playing sans spells and using Vorrus Starstrike instead of Celestant, but can definitely see benefits of both.
  • I like to use celestant prime with Relictor and 2 liberator primes. Its my own restart stormcast deck.

    Its a bit of a waste but I place liberators in lane 1 and 3. Relictor in 2 and Celestant in 4.

    Play units on liberators and heal Relictor every now and then to rotate units back one step. Then pretty much just use Celestant as a back up for abilities, or spare units. But if I ever need to draw 2, I just use the ability and pick the cards I need to make the deck work :)
  • SarhantaïSarhantaï Posts: 4
    Personnaly I run a full agressif deck


    The questing of both azyros can be very fast and celestant is not in rest ;)
  • BokehBotBokehBot Posts: 39

    The meta has now developed and I've ran into Celestant Prime on the ladder.

    Turns out you can do the Aelf and Beast synergy entirely with those three cheap Champions, and it's pretty nasty if you get the right draws.

    For fun and for the Single Player Challenges, I'm getting a lot of success with Celestant-Prime and healing focused decks (with Lord Relictor).

    However, in general though, Order right now can't stem or keep up with the damage output of Chaos or Destruction so making Celestant-Prime work is moot currently. Hopefully this meta will change in the next big update, there's a lot of possible archetypes in Order to explore.

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