Why can't Wizards use Abilities mid-spell?

I feel like this was a very random inelegant rule entirely created for supposed balance to keep Wizards in check. But it turns out Wizards are fairly underpowered as they are way too easily punished anyways.

Also, this rule is also a constant gotcha for new players learning the game, completely screwing up their tactics and usually costing them the game. Usually what happens is you have to (sadly) tell them that the wizard can't actually play the removal spell on my Arcane Bolt (or 4 corner spell), despite them planning it ahead of time two turns before, because they decided to be optimal and played a spell a turn or two before their planned removal.

Maybe the halfway point is to print more Wizard Abilities with text that says it can be used while Engaged with a spell?


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    Because then all the cards would just be red cards and you wouldn’t need wizards and warriors.
    I think its fantastic and just one of the many thematic touches that this game does brilliantly, like the Longstrike Raptors taking a turn to reload their crossbows.
    Why do you have to tell your players this? Why can’t they read it in the Quick start rules along with all the other rules?
    If they can’t cope with “wizards can’t play abilities if they have a spell in play,” how are they going to cope with Transmogrifying Flamers. It will **** their tiny minds!
    :D :D

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    I think it's because card games have set up a standard where "one time use" cards can basically just be played conditionlessly then thrown out. Not to say every game has to follow the standard, but it's very easy to forget this weird case.

    The pre-established thought process from other card games is that you see an array of enemy units, and you have a removal card, so you pick the most vital one to ****. You don't stop and think, oh wait but not that one since the unit is in front of a wizard casting a spell. You're basically looking at the enemy board horizontally, not individually from each Champion (unless you are trying to progress a Removal quest).

    Even I still do this once in a while with dozens of hours into the game already.
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    I'm sure they will add more abilities that are usable whilst casting spells. As it is now, I enjoy it as an extra element to keep in mind- do I need to play this spell now, or should I wait in case my opponent plays something that I need to remove or react to quickly. It also makes Champion placement more important, so you can't move your wizard who is casting arcane bolt away from a curseling for example. I do understand that for beginners it is something of a confusing niche rule though. I also feel that it leans more on the side of added depth than the side of intentional obscurity.
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    Update: This is no longer a problem for me to accidentally forget. Because the meta dictates to not run any wizards or spells, so it's not a problem anymore :D :pensive:

    In seriousness, Wizards are punished way too much for usually only 1 extra point of kick.

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