Neferata needs a buff

Sadly this game already has very bad performing decks and top decks you need to play to win. Hopefully wave 2 will add variety to that but right now there is a super obvious issue I'm surprised made it through

Death is the least potent of the 4 factions and out of that a neferata deck ducks terribly against the meta. And the reason is so obvious and lame it hurts, especially since shes 11 pts. The lame mechanics makes it so that removal spells such as soul feast or blood ritual (whatever the 3 turn spell is called that removes units and summons a vampire) are negated. So you cant heal or summon a vampire for a split second before replacing it for a quick 2 damage or 1 health.....those combos arent even op! They are just necessary to live and would be nice to pull off seeing how everyone else can pull cooler, more potent, and easier combos for sometimes less points and or cards. Come on guys that literally almost negates 2 thirds of the removal spells in the entire deck I think it makes them all pointless on her. Please fix this. Being able to heal 6 health and summon a vampire, or summon 2 vampires but one only lives through one corner, is not that bad at all

Also chaos removal focused decks and idoneth removal focused decks are terrible against mid to high tier decks. But thats for another post


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    I have won plenty of games without playing Destruction.

  • Neferata needs a threat to summon with her ability. Maybe set 2 will have a finisher for vampires .

  • She doesn't need a buff she's fine as she is , yes she maybe underwhelming right now but with more mass removal or more units like the bloodseaker parliquin and blood Knights she will be allot better

  • SpesstacoSpesstaco Posts: 2 you not see? Thanks to poor rule configuration any cards they add will have any additional effects negated when neferata removes a unit to summon a vampire unit..

    .EVEN IF YOU CANT SUMMON A UNIT. though that may be a bug. Regardless even if that wasnt the case due to bad mechanics regardless of any new cards she will never work. That needs to be fixed
  • Yes in the rare example of where the Nefferata player does not have a vampire in hand or discard in order to summon she should get the additional effects as she can't replace the card

  • VhenlarVhenlar Posts: 28

    I think she's fine as is.

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    It's a physical game as well. Have they already started messing with the digial copies of the cards? Because that would be a bit weird if they don't match their physical counterparts.
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    Hi new player here.
    Totally agree.
    Just pulled a Neferata and was excited to try her out.
    The rules hit me and I was like '****'?

    11 points and SO MUCH WORSE than Bloody Vampire Queen?
    Really needs a change!

    I guess it could be palatable if we get a really strong vampire unit and a few more ability cards that remove units for Death, but it is quite mind-boggling indeed.

    EDIT: @slowreflex yes there's a few errata cards, you can search them in the card database by flagging 'errata'. Tbh not that many and not such a big deal. Someone with a decent memory (or if not a printout or phone nearby) can easily keep it in mind.
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