How is your LGS taking to Warhammer Champions?

Hi all :)

As per the title and those that play at a LGS, are people enjoying the game? Is it getting any popularity?

If so, will be interesting if people can share what their club maybe doing to make it successful :)


  • We had a campaign deck-only event a couple of weeks ago that had 12 players show up. We've got our first Pitched Battle tournament this coming Thursday, so it'll be interesting to see if we get a similar attendance (and also interesting to try out the format!).

  • DonPioDonPio Posts: 14

    It's impossible to find any booster packs here in Spain, thus, it's difficult to organize anything at a LGS. I hope the new print run of the first wave makes it to countries other than UK and USA.

  • I'm trying to get people organized in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Once the next wave comes in we'll be sure to start our own OP stuff.

  • FamiliarFamiliar Posts: 21
    There seems to be about five people actively playing at my store, or so I've been told; I've never actually seen them.
  • @Whingewood That's awesome, good solid number :)

    @DonPio Yeah that's a bit frustrating, I know here in the UK a lot of retailers are getting stock in October

    @BradMcLeod Good stuff! Hope it goes well

    @Familiar Maybe they have a secret Warhammer handshake too 😉

  • MickmannMickmann Posts: 12
    My LGS got 1 Starter-Box and 1 Booster-Box. They've had everything sold in about a day, save 3 order starters. Nobody seems to like sigmar's boys around here...
  • Here in Lisbon, Portugal, booster boxes are as scarce as ice cubes in Sahara! So it's really difficult to start a game and promoting it when there is no product to sell.

    Campaign decks are fine but after a few spins players need to grow and make their own decks. And that's difficult with no boosters to support this.

    I'm waiting for product to arrive in my country. It's not the LGS fault but rather the distributors and suppliers. Without product we can't make this game grow.

  • @Mickmann Sometimes the Lightning lads and girls aren't to everyone's taste, its the same in AoS tabletop game :)

    But it's good to see that its sold well with the limited supply they had...

    Talking of supply issues, @xDIABOx its a real shame that the stock isn't out there to get the game up and running in some places, but looking at the positives the game is clearly more popular than expected, so fingers crossed the boosters get out there :)

  • rpgplayerrpgplayer Posts: 24
    My lgs still sceptically view on the product as it is still new and plagued by the new card game concepts that it won't last for years to come
  • They absolutely love it! We are running two tournaments a month as well as casual meet ups.

  • slowreflexslowreflex Posts: 22Moderator Mod
    It's not yet found a regular slot in the event calendar. Don't think that management are sold on it yet, but I think it will catch on. Those interested in it now have a local FB group. While I hate FB, this seems to be the way people organize events nowadays...
  • Xenith_IncXenith_Inc Posts: 32

    My Local wont stock it as they dont like the game. MTG only...

  • ubersmurfsubersmurfs Posts: 17

    Local is sold out of boosters, but the shop never had many and it was just a couple people that bought them all up. Not many people here know about it. Not yet at least.

  • my local start has taken to the game quite well, we have lost a few play due to other game beause of the lack of stock a few week back we're down to 4-8 players it varies although that may change in a few weeks with set 2 :) .

    i just need some ofthe op kits to boost attendance :D

  • DarkCornflakeDarkCornflake Posts: 35
    I like the physical card game (I like having real cards), but I think the game works better in a digital format. I haven't played much of the physical game (due to not much interest yet among my local playgroup), I think having to keep track of 4 different card orientations and sometimes having to read cards and numbers upside-down is a bit awkward, picking up a card and reading it before returning it to its original orientation can get confusing. I'm not sure if other people find these problematic and I suppose experience will iron out these issues!
  • My FLGS has a small stock but it’s pretty much on me to make it become a thing. Everyone I’ve introduced the game to has enjoyed it but as soon as I say it’s collectible that is a deal breaker. I’m going to start infiltrating their magic night as soon as I get my hands on some of the fancy playmats because I think they make the physical game easier to grok and do some starter deck/learn to play sessisons.

  • PiKPiK Posts: 16
    I live in Japan and although the app is available here the physical cards are not. Hopefully that'll change in the future. MTG is pretty popular over here, as are several Japanese CCGs so I can see it catching on. In the meantime me and a few work friends are ordering cards from the US.
  • BlitzBlitz Posts: 8
    my lgs doesn't even know about this game
  • Since it not supported because we’re Canadian, we haven’t gotten any newer people into it. And the ones who are would rather not wait around for SOMETHING to come in for support.

    So, we’re losing people.

  • QestroyQestroy Posts: 12
    As its a third party game, my LGS only hosts is once a month, but people are still enthusiastic about it and come down on that night to play which is cool
  • FelixlahioFelixlahio Posts: 3
    Pik do you live in Tokyo? I really want to play the physical game.

    Have a nice day
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