[Deck List] Pitched Battle Aelves with a twist

Hello! I've been playing a fair share of my Aelves. Went through many iterations and came to a realization this is the final one. It won me the 2nd place at a local 14ppl tournament only loosing to one destrucion deck.

Celestant-Prime (12)
Lochian Prince (2)
Lochian Prince (2)
Lotann (3)
Aspect of the Sea (11)

Blessed Weapons
Divine Blast
Swift Judgement
Tides of death

2x Aetherwing Scout
3x Akhelian Barrier Guard
2x Biovaltic Morrsarr Guard
3x Paladin Protector
3x Razorshell Leviadon
1x Stardrake
2x Sweeping Namarti Thrall
2x Swift Namarti Reaver

2x Warding Light
1x Inspired Glory

3x Triumphant Smash
3x Piercing Shot
3x Jaws of Death

2x Divine Vengence
2x Light of Sigmar
2x Scatter the Forces
1x Warding Light
1x Searing Light
1x Stardrake

Ok, so starting champions. 99% of the time I pick 2x Lochian, Lotann and Celestant. The other 1% I swap Celestant for Aspect of the Sea. Here's the reasoning. Thanks to Celestant this deck can be played as a midrange deck with a lot of burst potential. Often times my first 2-3 turns are heroic from Celestant + draw trying to fish for the best possible opening. And what am I looking for? At least 1 Unit with 3 or less corners + an abillity or a Leviadon with some Aelves and a Protector.

Depending on the matchup your placement will look like this:
Lochian - Lotann - Lochian - Celestant
Lochian - Lotann - Celestant - Lochian

In the second variant I search for the Leviadon and Protector so I can 100% use it's heroic and complete Celestant quests in the meantime. The first variant an Aelf and a abillity is plenty enough.

Thanks to the quest layout on Lochain Prince you complete first 3 quests with ease, and the you decide when you want to pop the blessing with just a single Aelf.

So when we are on the topic of blessings. I almost never complete them as soon as I can. I leave them on the last corner and look for a opportunity to complete 2 in a turn. If you reveal Divine Blast and Swift Judgement on a disengaged champion - that's a 15dmg swing not counting the units you deployed to complete those blessing. It's really hard to come back from such a deficit.

Tides are also really underrated imo right now. People seem to miss that on the 2nd corner when you deploy Aelves they will deal their dmg when they come in and then the row of action cards will resolve triggering the dmg again - now that's value.

Blessed weapons is overall a good dmg card and you can use it quickly thanks to Swift Namarti Reaver.

I'm playing almost the whole Aelf package - only not playing Namarti Soul Feeder. There's simply no place for them in the deck. Some people can also get shocked that I play only 1 Stardrake. I found out that a lot of people keep their removal for exactly cards like those. Stardrake forces you to discard 1 card from hand so your enemy gets the 1 for 2 trade when he uses a removal card on him. There are situations where he is usefull - that's why I still have 1 copy in the deck.
Paladin Protector - this is the star of the deck. Not only does he reduce the dmg from enemies but most importantly he prevents neighbour units from being removed. Chuck one next to your Leviadon and watch how your opponent can't do anything with it - just take the damage. There were countless games where I won thanks to him. Rest of the units are self explanatory.

Only 3. When I play Aspect I slot some more from the sideboard. Those are only to complete the last 2 quests on Celestant if needed. Often times when I reveal them from his heroic I just place them at the bottom of my deck so they don't clog my hand.

Triumphant smash - auto include in all decks.
Piercing shot - Mostly used for Lochian Prince's 2nd quest. I always try to play 1 Unit and then piercing shot the enemy so I complete 2 quests and on the next turn if the unit doesn't get removed it completes the 3rd quest.
Jaws of Death - 5 dmg is massive. Often needed to close out the games.

~~How to sideboard
It's hard to describe now because there is no such thing as meta yet established but overall - when you see your enemy is drawing a lot - put in scatter the forces.
If your opponent is running a lot of removal - slot in divine vengence
If there is a lot of targets for Light of Sigmar - slot it in.
If you are planning to play with Aspect - slot in rest of the spells.
And slot the Stardrake whenever you feel like it :smiley:

~~Overall strategy
I described it a little earlier but just to summ it up.
First turns you heroic and draw to get the most optimal start. Also when you see your opponent playing healing spells just wait them out. They can't heal past 35 anyway.
Try to complete first 3 quests on the Lochain Princes and then wait for the right moment to pop the blessings. Always try to do them when the enemy champions is disengaged in case that is Swift Judgement.
You have 6 dmg reduction Units in the deck. Try to use them to their full potential.
Whenever you can try to setup that your Triumphant Smash rotates your unit back for that extra damage.
Remember some Beasts are also Aelves so Lotann boosts them as well.
You can easilly put out bursts of ~15dmg per turn when setup properly, it can take a lot of people by suprise.

Hope I didn't bore you to death and that you understood at least 1% of my gibberish (I can get lost in my own words at times :neutral: ).

If you want any questions anwsered - feel free to ask them. I'll try my best to explain it.

Also here's the link to the decklist for you lazy people :smiley:

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