-- Rising Terror --

TigerclawTigerclaw Posts: 13
-- Rising Terror --

- Nagash, Supreme Lord of the Undead
- H ell Knight
- H ell Knight
- Skeleton Champion

- Turmiol of Souls
- Armies of the Dead
- Unholy Power
- Supernatural Horror

- 3x Infected Terrorgheist
- 3x Shrieking Terrorgheist
- 3x Charging Black Knight
- 3x Zombie Dragon
- 2x Crypt Shield Knight
(14 Units)

- 3x Devour
- 2x Commanding the Dead
- 2x Cursed Strike
- 2x Serve in Dead
- 1x Deathly Resolve
- 2x Opportunity Strike
(12 Abilities)

- 2x Frightful Touch
- 2x Arcane Bolt
(4 Spells)

Hello. This is more like a fun and not high elo deck.
Goal is to create some high damage combos e.g. with 2 "Infected Terrorgheists" on corner 4 and "Serve in Death".
„Heroic Act“ from the „H ell Knight“ helps with the timing
"Frightful Touch" can be speed up with Nagash (best in round 1), "Aracne Bolt" with "Deathly Resolve".
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