Players in Japan

Hi guys, I'm French lost in Japan :smile: and would like to know if some of you are near Tokyo and play together with physical cards ?

Sorry for my approximative English.



  • tabiiitabiii Posts: 8
    nope sry bud. im sitting here in germany lol
  • takos666takos666 Posts: 37

    hey there Shourai,

    have you checked the facebook groups? maybe there is something in Japan. in the digital app you can see your ranking based on your region but for the time being there isn’t a way to contact players: maybe the developers are considering this.

    i love how a game can connect people all over the globe!

  • ShouraiShourai Posts: 3
    Not yet checked on Facebook groups but seems a good way to find others players maybe around here, thanks for this advice :)
  • FelixlahioFelixlahio Posts: 3
    Hi Shourai ! I´m an Spanish living in Tokyo I would love to play champions too :)
    I´ve been looking for people arround here as well, some people seem to be very interested on making a group arround this area, where are you based?
  • ChampiChampi Posts: 1
    Hey Vincent, I am an admin of the Japan Age of Sigmar facebook group. Please, join here, as there seems to be more people interested in getting the cards in Japan. Here's a link :)
    www dot facebook dot com slash groups slash aosjapan
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