additional turn abuse

Hi fellow champs,
I think that lots of players are playing with the destruction deck with the focus being on the “additional turn” cards. Usually what with this happens it is super difficult to win when playing against. My proposition is this; limit the number of additional turns per turn to one. Getting four or five turns is too much.

What do you think?


  • MarkMMarkM Posts: 34

    That is Destro's 'thing'. And I had up to 9 actions in a turn. It can be awkward to deal with, especially if you are new and/or don't have a good selection of cards for your own deck.

    Destro is also very noobie friendly as it's fairly easy to play.

    It is, however, far from unbeatable. My advice, read the forums, watch some vids and learn how to counter play.

  • takos666takos666 Posts: 37

    Hi MarkM,

    I am not saying it is unbeatable as i have won a good share of games playing against it. what i am saying is that this feature kind of spoils the fun when you have to face 9 turns. what i like with AOS is that no matter the cards in one’s deck there is always a good chance of winning. my observation came up from playing the digi game and i thought it would have been interesting to share it here.

    i will do some reading though to see how other champions work their way around this although building a deck to ‘win them all’ should be impossible and that’s what i like is AOS.

  • RekyoRekyo Posts: 73 ✭✭

    There are ways to punish those high action turns however. I know it's not ideal to build a deck catered to facing Destruction as you don't know who you're going to be match up against most of the time, but cards like Brutal Smash can be awesome in those scenarios. Scatter the Forces is another one that helps out.

  • mrgumakmrgumak Posts: 24
    Totally not unballanced. To early in the game since launch to say that it needs any changes. Even with 2 turns vs lets say 5 you can win. Make those 2 turns really count, try to predict your opponent, play units he can't remove, use punishers vs big hands, discard his cards, shuffle back to hand/ deck etc
  • takos666takos666 Posts: 37

    Hi mrgumak,

    indeed it is early to claim that the destruction deck makes the game unbalanced. This not what i said; i made an observation based on my playing experience so far which has shown me that you may need a specially designed deck to efficiently fight an “additional turns deck”. you can still win without one but the odds are against you. this type of discussion helps the development of new cards and avoid having an event with destruction decks and anti-destruction decks.

    it would be interesting to see the statistics of the digital game and specifically the distribution of decks or even cards that are being used the most.

  • takos666takos666 Posts: 37

    apparently there will be some changes to help spread the use of alliances. right now in ranked playing destruction decks dominate. it is an interesting development so let’s how it will play out.

  • MorgorMorgor Posts: 10
    seems everyone complains about things a tad early. extra actions don't ruin games whining gamers on the other hand can **** entire builds. to much salt perhaps
  • it's pretty obvious to anyone who plays the game, especially ones that don't play Destruction, that there was a problem with the abuse of extra actions. This is not an issue solely in this game, other games in the past have suffered from extra action abuse. Hopefully the changes will lead to a more balanced, and therefore better game. It's not a case of whining gamers, it's creative and constructive feedback from the community that will ultimately, lead to the game growing successfully.
  • QestroyQestroy Posts: 12
    It's controlled a bit by the limited number of slots you have for units, and the problem with decking out... but yeah it's quite powerful atm
  • BokehBotBokehBot Posts: 39
    edited November 2018

    It's extra bad in this game because extra actions can be cards. Imagine the destro player generating 4+ actions (esp. if you count rallying cry or warcaller as an extra actions) then not being able to just funnel excess actions into cards.

    Right now you just always want to brainlessly generate extra actions no matter what, because you can always fall back on drawing cards.

    There's literally no downside. Other games might cost you resources or you have to find a safe time to build "economy" but actions = cards = no brainer. Even if you're behind on boardstate, you'll break even in a turn, then be ahead in two. And if you fast rotate you are ahead immediately.

    It's such an S Tier card it's auto include 3 (even in my gimmick 20+ spell wizard deck it's there), and play it the moment you get it without any thought. Oh yeah and it's an Orruk for all the synergy because why not.

    I can't believe this card made it past playtesting.

  • takos666takos666 Posts: 37
    edited November 2018

    i wonder what was the outcome of the testing when they restricted some key cards for ranked play. i still believe that the destruction decks are heavily played and this hurts the game. this has nothing to do with whining but with the need to have a variety of decks from different alliances. if we, the players, provide constructive feedback, then the game will grow and remain alive. there are a lot of dead tcgs out there and i’d hate to see this becoming one more.

  • keinPonyhofkeinPonyhof Posts: 7
    i'm new and i have not played that much against destruction. I never faced a maxed out deck with extra turns.
    If the enemy has 3 extra turns and a few cards to play this might be a bad position, but how do you get there?

    The Destro Player needs a lot of cards on his hand to play(and keep alive) this 'extra turn machine'. I would try to conter this. Also it can be kind of bad to have to many cards on the hand.
  • ThunderfrogThunderfrog Posts: 23
    I dunno.

    I'd say that Destro is a giant detractor in this game right now, especially because of extra turns.

    Everything in champions hinges on the 2 actions mechanic. It's how it's balanced. Then they went and made a faction that gets tons of actions, and big surprise, it's crushing everyone. There's vids of top 5 players just constantly trying anti-destro decks and still losing in targeted matchups.

    If destruction say, didn't have much in the way of damage, or rend, or dormant, or direct ability damage, or card draw, or had weak champs.. something to balance out having what all the other factions have with the exception of extra turns, fine. But there's a reason that the road through ranked is paved with the disappointment of people who gave up playing their favorite faction to build Gordrakk/Loud Mouth/Beasts and settled end in for 9/10 games being a mirror match.
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