[Deck List] Marakarr's magical super friends.

JustGregJustGreg Posts: 17

Hi guys, back again with a new curveball chaos list.

I sat down again with my chaos collection having played with my 4 warrior aggro list and being somewhat disappointed at the inconsistency of it, and while still as enamoured as ever with the Marakarr domination dream (see my previous thread for introduction), this is what I've come up with...

- Marakarr Blood-sky
- Lord of change
- Iridescent horror
- Chaos champion

- Berserker rage
- Chaos runeblade
- Unrivalled battle-lust
- Favour of the gods

[15] units
Last stand
3x Bloodfury Wrathmonger
3x Fanatical skullfiend
3x Transmogrifying flamer
3x Slashing screamer
3x Capricious flamer

[6] Spells
3x Blood feast
Card draw
3x Rejoice in Slaughter

[9] abilities
Ally removal
3x Blood for the blood god
3x Gift of change
3x Blood hunt

I spent a long time looking at the magical options for chaos, and there's maaaany builds that I see myself trying in the future, fun synergies with lord of change effect and gateway and nuclear magnitude spell damage builds to name a couple. But first and foremost, I want to play with Marakarr, I think her effect is actually rather potent when made more easily accessible, and I've found that actually, if you sit down and reeeally cut back all of the amusing looking distractions (I cant stress how hard this was), a really solid, focused deck emerges.

This deck is theoretically very well rounded. let me break down my thought process to explain why (and if nothing else, check myself for logical flaws)

Questing requirements
5x removal
5x spell
3x ability
3x unit

This is a good spread, with not too many overlaps spreading our resources thin, with the added benefit of chaos having heaps of removal triggers that don't require enemy input/targets. This deck can do it's thing regardless.

Ability triggers

remove x 15 (Bloodfury wrathmonger, Slashing screamer, Blood hunt, Blood for the blood god, Gift of change)
last stand x 9 (Bloodfury wrathmonger, Transmogrifying flamer, Fanatical skullfiend)

damage to yourself x 9 (Bloodfury wrathmonger, Fanatical skullfiend, Slashing screamer)
being sustained by:
gain X health x 9 (Blood feast, Blood for the blood god, Blood hunt)

We also gain card advantage through rejoice in slaughter and gift of change.

This deck does a few things very well.

We speed through removal, gaining advantage every time thanks to lining up removing our last words units on their final corners.
We then line these interactions up with rejoice in slaughter, drawing cards to keep accelerating our game.

We make use of high damage potential cards, that often come with the cost of self-damage, and turn that into an advantage. We net gain health while Blood feast is on the field, and easily compensate for it when it isn't with Blood for the blood god.

We can "tutor" for cards to capitalise on our opponents weaknesses with gift of change, all while powering our removal chain. We particularly want to look for casters stuck in a long channel to abuse with capricious flamer, and can cut-short powerful final corner units with "surprise slashing screamer outta nowhere".

For champion deployment, it's critical that our two warriors are adjacent, this is the lynch-pin of our all removal chaining. After that there's not too much to worry about, just play around your opponent's ability to deny deployment, and try to line Marakarr up with a warrior, as it gives us many more removal opportunities.

Whenever possible, play spells that use their corner value (not fixed value effects) on lord of change. This will allow his effect to boost the result by one on it's last corner. This means crazy turns like drawing 6 off of Rejoice in slaughter is quite possible (and wonderful), as well as massive healing combos with Bloodfeast + Bloodfury + anything else you can do damage with.

Other considerations:

Summon daemon - This would allow us to recycle our units, and also to make use of a third lane for our removal shenanigans.
Frenzied bloodreaver - Synergises well with having a half daemon list, probably too slow though.
Insatiable bloodreaver - Excellent in the removal chain, only requires a 1 turn before wanting to be removed itself, possibly too low impact at 3 damage?
Gaze of Khorne - Alternative to Blood for the blood god, however, we don't have very many high value corners to want to dupe.
Scorn of sorcery - Excellent card for triggering Marakarr's quested final form, but slightly too situational.
Furious strike - As above, as we are running two casters, more often than not we will have 2-3 slots filled, making this sub-optimal.
Infernal gateway - Amazing with lord of change, then tutoring for two units to put into play. However, the removal is the focus, which on this card is very hard to land, and acts more as a deterrent, which is too slow for this deck.
Flow of chaos - Amazing counter card to healing spam. Very situation however.

Thanks for taking the time to read, hopefully this will inspire you. Please leave your feedback in the comments, I'd love to know what you like and what you'd change!

Until next time,


  • RancordRancord Posts: 44
    edited August 2018
    Marrakar is really hard to trigger, What about Acolyte, as gift of change and blood for the blood god could then be played with marrakar. Because if you always have to play it from wizard, you are not getting marrakar quested. And if you dont get him quested, there is no point playing him.

    As an enemy I certainly wont play units in front of Marrakar
  • JustGregJustGreg Posts: 17

    That's definitely a consideration that I forgot to mention. The problem is space. We want more demons than not, and the non-daemon units were kept have excellent synergy.

    9 of our removals do work with Marakarr, 3 on allies. So point taken it's not the easiest to quest her, but if you're not playing units in a lane all game, that's more valuable than questing her imo. You'd always place her in front of a warrior. If you move champions around so be it. She's not the only win-con by far.

    I probably will try a version with acolyte though. What would you cut in that case?

  • JustGregJustGreg Posts: 17

    After some consideration, I think the changes I'd make to try out acolyte would be:

    -1 Capricious flamer
    -1 Screaming slasher
    +2 Acolyte scroll bearer

    Reason being both flamer and slasher are cards we look to use more situationally, and make good targets for our gift of change, meaning we can pull it from the deck, ergo, 2 copies is reliable enough. we also only lose one removal effect, at the benefit of enabling 6 on Marakarr. One other benefit is that a 4 corner attacking unit is very good on a quested Marakarr.

  • megaDeejmegaDeej Posts: 1
    I'm going to see try to put this together, looks like it could be really fun to play.
    Just curious, do you think maybe switching out Blood Feast for Pain Induced Fury would work? I feel like that on a Lord of Change, with all the damage you could possibly be doing to your self could really get some major damage out.
  • JustGregJustGreg Posts: 17

    Having tried playing this, I wasn't all that impressed.I think including pain induced fury is a good idea, but be careful not to cut too much healing.

  • I might incorporate this into a deck and give it a whirl, been trying something new with wizards since all I've been doing is warrior decks

  • Marakarr is very cool.
  • LasciLasci Posts: 3
    I've really been enjoying this deck while trying to clear my Chaos weekly. I only have one Wrathmonger and replaced the missing two with Insatiable Bloodreaver. I tried the original version and found that I was almost never actually able to get off Marakarr's blessing, which felt like a problem despite the fact that I was able to consistently hit all the other quests. I made the adjustments above for two Acolytes and was [i]much[/i] happier with the experience.

    That said, I'm tempted to replace the Iridescent Horror with a Bloodreaver Chieftain or a second Chaos Champion. I almost never want to put my spells on the horror despite the fact that it's easier to quest than the Lord of Change. With a heavier focus on the Acolytes doing their thing with Marakarr, it feels like the two mages are more difficult to consistently quest. You also really want your mages on the right side of the board so that damage triggers before Blood Feast gets removed. Having more lanes to put units in helps emphasize Blood Feast's latent power. Blood Feast also heftily improves the usefulness of the Bloodreaver Chieftain's Heroic Action. On top of all this, it sort of makes Insatiable Bloodreaver a bit better, especially if Marakarr is flanked by both warriors.

    I haven't played enough games to test whether or not I like other options better, but the Chieftain's quest seems exceptionally easy to get off if you can fit an ability on him for that last turn. Three warriors might make Furious Strike better to try out to help with that quest, too, but I don't know that the deck has enough room for the card.
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